Elder care

Keeping Elderly Family Members Safe Inside and Outside the Home

elder-care-at-homeCountless families have elderly members they have to take care of as they age. The older people get, the less able they are to handle their own care needs. Family members must work overtime to keep their older loved ones safe not only outside the home but inside as well.

Elderly-Friendly Technology

Most technology nowadays is a foreign concept to older many older adults. They often struggle to understand how to use a smartphone and why one would even fathom wearing a smartwatch when a regular one is just as good. With some elderly-friendly technology, younger family members can rest assured that their older relatives can stay as safe as possible and have a way to reach out when they need to in a crisis.

Medical Alert Pendant

A medical alert pendant is another type of tech meant for seniors. If an elderly person falls and cannot get up, they can push the button on their pendant to call for help. The call gets connected to a dispatch unit who will send out an ambulance straight away. Many people choose to turn it into a necklace to be worn around the neck or simply clip it to their pocket.

Stair Lift System

Stairs become a struggle when people get older. Many find it difficult to make it up and down each day without falling on the steep steps. A stair lift system can get put in so anyone who cannot walk safely up and down can sit in a chair and get taken where they need to go instead. If this option does not work for the family, simply converting a downstairs bedroom into one the oldest adult could use is the next best option. Any method you find that works for improving safety in the home should get utilized.

The Jitterbug Phone

The Jitterbug phone was designedwith seniors in mind. With an easy on/off switch, yes or no buttons to accept or decline calls, and larger than usual numbers to push, any older adult should have no trouble figuring this phone out. They can use it to reach out to others in an emergency and make phone calls when necessary. You can even click “0” and get connected to an operator who can help if you require assistance.

Grab Bars

When you visit the hospital you see grab bars near the toilets and in the showers. Both the ill and the elderly often find these bars to come in handy. If they struggle to get up themselves, they can pull up on the handles available and make it easier to get back upright. This option is especially important in the showers when it is often slippery and hard to get in and out even for those who may not experience any sort of weakness. Just be sure all bars get properly installed. If you do not know how to do it yourself, hire a professional for an adequate job.

Non-Slip Mats

Particularly useful in the shower, non-slip mats prevent older adults from slipping on too-smooth surfaces. Similar mats can get placed around the home if there are other areas where falls are frequent, such as in the kitchen or down a hallway.

Our elderly family members should always be kept safe inside the home and out. With a few helpful tricks, such as elderly-friendly technology they can use and some safety precautions set up, your loved ones can remain as safe as possible when you’re away. Always be sure to have a system in place so your relative can reach out to you in an emergency and get the assistance they need.

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