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Home Care vs. Assisted Living

people-playing-cardsAs the American population ages, the number of elder care options has expanded to provide more choices for seniors. They can choose to stay in their own homes, with a range of services provided by caregivers. However, other seniors can benefit from assisted living facilities that have a number of services on hand at all times. Of course, specialized agencies can provide a home care specialist to ensure seniors are cared for and have the extra help they need, even in an assisted living center.

Today's Home Care

In the past, many seniors had to move in with their children or go to nursing homes when their physical health or mental acuity began to create problems that made living independently too difficult. Today, a number of elder service companies provide trained caregivers that can help with everyday tasks, as well as provide transportation and companionship for elders who prefer to remain in their own homes. Seniors and their families can choose from a wide range of services, including help with cooking, house cleaning, laundry, helping to remember medications and driving to appointments. If the senior has medical needs, caregivers with nursing training can help. Many seniors start with a minimum of home care and add more services, as they are needed. They get to know their caregivers and feel quite comfortable in their care.

Understanding Assisted Living

Assisted living centers generally provide seniors with their own rooms or their own apartments, as well as community areas that allow them to socialize with others. These centers offer meals three times each day and the ability to add housekeeping services and laundry services if you need help with these tasks. Assisted living centers often have vans to take groups of residents to shopping areas, doctor's appointments, hairdressers or other personal errands. They may also have group excursions to movies, theaters, museums or other activities.

Benefits of Home Care Services

Home care services are best for those seniors that prefer to age in their own homes. These seniors often have family members living nearby that come to visit and provide the stimulation and socialization that is so important for healthy aging. They may have a circle of friends living nearby that also provide social contact and support. These seniors would find moving into a senior living center too disruptive to their normal routine and way of life.

Benefits of Assisted Living

Assisted living centers can offer many benefits for some seniors. These elders may live some distance away from other family members. They may not be as able to get around as much as they once did and may begin to feel isolated. This isolation can have a negative effect on both their physical and mental well-being. Being in an assisted living center may offer an easy way to have social contacts with others of their age and interests. Assisted living facilities often provide special activities and events on the premises that allow seniors to enjoy music, exercise, classes, hobbies or other interests. Assisted living facilities also offer housekeeping services, laundry services and medical care for those who need additional help.

Making Good Choices

Choosing between home care and assisted living care requires that the senior be honest about their abilities and their personal preferences. If you are the type of person that likes people and like interacting with them throughout the day, an assisted living center will provide the social stimulation that will help you to stay young and vibrant. If you are a person that values your alone-time, have hobbies that keep you mentally active and have other ways to socialize with other people, a home care company can provide the additional care you may need as the years pass.

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