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Getting Throughout the Day With Reduced Back Pain

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The problem of low back pain is common among people of all the age groups except the teens and kids. You can find these issues disrupting people the most, which give people enough reason to choose the back pain surgeries especially when all the non surgical options fail to work. The surgery comes as the last resort, however, in case of injuries; you have no other options but to go for the surgery. This is the only one option, which comes in the form of a ray of hope for the patients suffering from the low back pain. Let's see how you can reduce the low back pain with the common treatment options in the following paragraphs:

Causes of Low Back Pain

There are several causes to lower back pain, which can occur in people of any age group. The following are causes for people of two age groups:

  • Younger Adults ( 30-60 years) do often encounter the low back pain due to the disc space like degenerative or lumbar disc disease and due to the strain over the back muscle along with the soft tissue strain.
  • Older adults (over 60 years of age) is among the common cases, which is again due to the pain due to the joint degeneration (like spinal or osteoarthritis stenosis) or it could be also due to a compression fracture.

The Treatment Option for Low Back Pain

There are both the non surgical and surgical options to fix the low back pain. Let's check the no surgical option first.

Well, if you are keen to avoid the surgical options even after trying the conventional medical care by the physicians, you can certainly choose the other option, which comes in the form of rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders, which are carried out by a team of physiatrists/rehabilitation doctors along with the physical medicines. The physiatrists are competent and trained in treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and many of these are even trained in spine care. The role of this medical professional is to take care of the low back pain with specialised treatment options and boost the general care to a great extent. Generally these people are specialised in treating the low back pain with the help of injection methods, physical exams, and diagnostic exam and adopt several conventional methods to get rid of the same. A majority of physiatrists even would recommend a spine surgery in case if you need to get rid of the low back pain.

Surgical option for Low Back Pain

The low back surgery helps in treating the low back pain, which can be categorised under an extensive kind of back surgery. This come along with an extended healing period and also found with lower success rate, than the ones carried out for a pinched nerve (leg pain). If you are unable to get rid of the low back pain in a period of 6 to 12 months of non surgical treatment options, one can go for the procedure called fusion surgery for an effective result. This is one of the best recommended surgical options to get rid of the back pain; however, this can be carried out only when the surgeon chooses for you.

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