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7 Simple Tips To Beat Joint Pain Quickly

shutterstock_12923467Joint pain is one of the most annoying problems. This problem is common among the people; however, there are cases where joint pain has led people to retire from their normal jobs. There is no doubt that joint pain will obstruct you from carrying out your normal day to day activities. If it is creating lots of problems for you, then you simply cannot afford to ignore your joint pain. You must seek for the ways to get rid of your joint pain.

According to the statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 22.7% of American adults are diagnosed with some arthritis. Is it scary? If yes, then here is more. The percentage is expected to rise from 22.7% to 26% in 2040. My intention is not to scare you, but to make you realize how important it is to take good care of your joint health. You simply cannot afford to ignore your joint health when the possibility of being diagnosed with arthritis is so high.

Here are 7 easy tips to get rid of your joint pain

There are many causes of joint pain. Some of the, causes of joint pain are osteoarthritis, gout, injuries, sprain, and more. Whatever the causes are, one thing is for sure, and i.e. you are desperate to get rid of your joint pain. Here are 7 easy tips to help you out.

1.Ice Therapy

This is the easiest thing you can do in your home to reduce your pain. The blood flow is reduced due to cold temperate, which will reduce tissue swelling. Apply ice packs on the affected area for around 15 minutes every hour. It can contribute a lot in joint pain relief. However, you should avoid ice burns, and do not apply it directly on the affected area. Wrap it in a washcloth or a towel before applying ice packs.

2.Acupuncture and other alternative treatments

Many people have tried acupuncture and other alternative treatments, and according to them, they have been able to get rid of their pain after going through alternative treatment methods. These alternative treatments are good for various joint conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic back pain, and more. Moreover, these treatment methods may also prevent from other joint conditions in the future.


The study shows that around 80% of the people with arthritis have sleep problems. This is not a good thing at all. However, there are ways to help you get a better sleep. Rest is very important for those suffering from a joint pain. Taking enough rest will restore your energy, and your body will automatically begin to repair itself.


You need rest; you also need adequate exercise to alleviate your pain. Remember that heavy workout is not a synonym of exercise. Many people tend to think about heavy workouts whenever someone mentions the word ‘exercise.’ You can go for basic stretches and light workout that will help you to reduce your pain.

Be careful while selecting the exercise for you. Choose the exercises that can reduce your pain instead of heavy workouts, which can further increase your pain. According to the study, involvement in regular exercises can even increase our pain tolerance. Therefore, it is highly recommended to be involved in regular workouts.


There are certain medicines, which can provide a great relief from your joint pain. Your joint swelling and stiffness can be relieved with the consumption of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. After consulting with your doctor, they may also prescribe muscle relaxants. It can greatly reduce your muscle spasms.


One should definitely try massage as their method of treatment. Getting a massage can not only provide relief from your joint pain in your hips and knees, but it will also provide relief from your stress. You can either try it at your home or you can visit a professional to get a massage. Putting menthol rubs in the affected area can highly enhance the effectiveness of the massage. The study shows that massage can be of great help to arthritis patients.

7.Physical therapy

The final tip on the list is physical therapy. This therapy is highly effective in relieving the pain. If you want to try physical therapy, then you should consult with a professional physical therapist. They are people with the graduate degree and clinical experience. Physical therapists will recommend various ways to help you move safely and effectively. After the treatment session, your joint pain will be significantly reduced.

Final Verdict

What is going through in your mind right now after reading all the tips mentioned in this article? Let me guess. You must be in doubt if all of these tips are going to work for you or not. Am I right? If you’re in doubt, then it is the time for you to clear your doubts. All the tips are going to work for you because all of them have proved their effectiveness in the past. Many people in the past have implemented all the tips in their life to get rid of their joint pain.

The tips will provide relief from your joint pain; however, it is not a smart choice to keep doctors out of your mind. The study shows that chronic joint pain could even lead to early retirement. Sometimes joint pain could be too much for you to handle. In those cases, joint pain could also be accompanied by tenderness around the joint, redness, or swelling. If you’re experiencing any of those serious cases, then you should immediately visit your doctor.

Furthermore, if your joint pain is the result of injuries, and your joint pain is also accompanied by intense pain, sudden swelling, joint deformity, and not being able to use your joints, then you should fix an appointment with your doctor.

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