E-Cig is the Better Alternative to Traditional Cigarettes

Electronic cigarette or also known as E-cig and electric cigarette is considered to be a healthier alternative to a traditional cigarette. It has a small cartridge that is replaceable and filled with nicotine in a small dosage and flavored propylene glycol liquid. It is powered by a rechargeable battery. When the user inhales from the device, the air flow is then detected by a pneumatic airflow sensor switch. Then, a microprocessor will activate the atomizer that injects tiny droplets of liquid to the flowing air and vaporizes the liquid. With this device, the function of a cigarette that has no harmful chemical content is being stimulated.

An electronic cigarette is considered to be a unique device that is intended to let the smokers continue smoking but with a vastly reduced health risk. Though electronic cigarettes resemble to a traditional cigarette in looks, feel, and taste their functions are different from one another. One of the best benefits of an electronic cigarette is that it does not contain any dangerous substance in a smoke form. But it can still satisfy the desire of the smoker for tobacco by having that same tactile sensation.

An electronic does not produce more than 4000 chemical additives that can be found in a traditional cigarette, leading to the different cardiac and respiratory system diseases. In addition, the smoke that comes out when exhaling is just a mere water vapor that quickly evaporates, leaving no harmful effects to the smoker, as well as to the other people. Aside from being a safe option, E-cigs are proven to be an aid for smokers who are willing to quit.

The changing legal landscape makes it difficult for the smokers to satisfy their nicotine cravings when in public places. But an electronic cigarette is 100% legal, which allows people to smoke indoors, in clubs, and pubs. At the same time, electronic cigarettes provide the smokers with a better environment being an environment-friendly alternative. Electronic cigarettes come in various refillable cartridges that are available in a wide range of nicotine strengths and flavors. One can have menthol, strawberry, apple, or regular cartridges which are available in full, medium, light, and even zero nicotine strength. The device is in a form of a tiny rod that is a little longer than normal cigarettes. This device becomes the life-saver for those who have been addicted to cigarettes.

Smoking seriously affects the health of a person and triggers different harmful diseases like mouth cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and other heart diseases. And electronic cigarettes offer people with the chance to smoke to satisfy themselves without putting themselves at risk. In addition, E-cigs has no second hand smoke which means that the cigarette does not burn with fire. The nicotine chamber helps the user to reduce the amount of their nicotine intake until such time that they completely quit the habit.

A lot of health benefits can be associated when one quits smoking. In the first 20 minutes, the blood pressure begins to drop-off, as well as the pulse rate and the body goes back to its normal temperature. As a result of an improved blood circulation, the hands and feet become warmer. In 7 hours, the carbon monoxide becomes low and the oxygen levels are being repaired to normal, which results in improved bodily functions. In 48 hours, the person would start feeling more energetic, having a mood that is more positive. The muscle coordination and the stamina also increase. When there is no more nicotine content in the body, other side effects of smoking will be eradicated such as stomach ache, body pains, headaches, etc.

To quit smoking may be impossible for some people who lack awareness of the options and alternatives they can have. With the help of an electronic cigarette, quitting can be done at a slower pace, but with sure results. Considering the benefits of an E-cig and looking forward to a healthier future would help anyone kick the bad habit.

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