Comparing Smoking and Vaping – An Unbiased Evaluation and Comparison

Well ladies and gents, we’ve all heard the stories and the tales of vaping and smoking. One is bad, one is good. It’s a pretty tired tale and it needs no introduction. But when you get past the hyperbole, and the emotions, how many people stop and question whether or not one is actually better than the other with the aid of facts? The sad answer is not many.

Despite the fact that one is objectively better than the other when you apply a variety of criteria, there are still many people who want to look at things from a logical, rational perspective. Right now, we set out to do just that.


From the perspective of health it is quite easy to see why smoking could be considered to be quite bad for you. The contents of your cigarettes are often known to contain large quantities of tar and carbon monoxide, both of which are incredibly damaging in large quantities to the human body. However it is also true that human beings only have a finite lifespan anyway so making a complaint in this regard is fairly moot.

But there are a handful of health related concerns which are more pressing and tend to be frequently used. Smokers are often seen to have issues with weight loss and lung capacity as a result of smoking cigarettes. It has not been proven that those who vape have these issues, or that vaping itself is capable of shortening a lifespan.


A core component of the cigarettes which people smoke is nicotine. This is an addictive substance which is responsible for a lot of the continuous smokers in life. The problem presented to many in the form of smoking is that it can be difficult to control the amount of nicotine which is contained within the cigarette. As a delivery system, it is highly inefficient.

However, this is not the case when it comes to vaping. Thanks to the way that e liquid have been designed and manufactured, it is easy to control exactly how much nicotine goes into each part of the cigarette so that you can control how much you smoke and when. It is this flexibility which gives vaping the advantage over everything else. Being able to control how much nicotine goes into your smoking experience is good for making sure that everything goes according to plan when trying to quit or lower your average intake.


Taste is obviously a big part of the entire experience and it can make all of the difference for the future. What a lot of people tend to find is that when it comes to an e-cig, they don’t have the same level of customisable control which tends to impact their own whole experience from start to finish. People like to have this level of control because it gives them something to explore and something interesting to work with.

Whereas with vaping, you get full control over what you taste. People create some absolutely incredible and unique flavours and they all contribute to a unique and satisfying experience. You can have a multitude of different flavours, which span from fruit to chocolate to anything else in between. People also create more and more unique flavours to appeal to the target demographic and the whole process continues to evolve.

Superior Quantity

There is also a quantity issue to think about. The different components of cigarettes means that you are carrying a lot of stuff around with you. This is different if you buy a pack of straights, admittedly, but the fundamental principle remains.

However, what you will find with an e-cigarette is that the whole experience is packed into a device which fits in the palm of your hand. You often get the equivalent of a lot of cigarettes all rolled into one. This makes it easier to carry, use and keep on your person, which is perhaps what people want most from an experience like this. They need usefulness and practicality – it forms the basis of most things.

The Final Judgement

So let’s take a look at the final judgement. There is clear evidence here that smoking is an archaic delivery system for nicotine. You have to realise that when it comes to the way that we put these things into our bodies and the way we do things, technology has evolved. Vaping is the modern counterpart to smoking in every way – it is safer, healthier, more convenient and easier to carry around. Objectively it has many advantages over the conventional option, which is why so many people tend to use it and enjoy using it. There is a modern counterpart to what used to be so commonplace and it is, to be honest, a wonder why anyone would choose to smoke conventionally at all.

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