Choosing the Best Executive Rehab for Opiate Pain Pill Addiction

kyyiiExecutives face a host of unique issues that make choosing an executive detox center a challenge. From managing pressing business needs to maintaining a professional corporate appearance and dealing with family life, traditional rehab programs may not be adequate. Fortunately, addiction experts such as those at the Waismann Method center have designed executive addiction treatment programs that address the high powered execs' unique needs.

Recognizing the Addiction Cycle: Pain Pill Addiction among Executives

Powerful business people are under intense pressure each day to generate profits, maintain the company's vision, and manage personnel. Piling these responsibilities on top of family responsibilities, personal life, and medical problems makes many executives overwhelmed.

Many executives begin using opiate pain pills to manage headaches or other pain. Soon, however, they rely on the medications to make it through the day. Over time, pain pill addiction interferes with a person's ability to meet professional and personal responsibilities. Recognizing this cycle is imperative to getting help at the Waismann Center, one of California's top 10 luxury rehab centers.

The Opiate Pain Pill Addicted Executive: Choosing an Appropriate Rehab

In many ways, choosing an appropriate executive rehabilitation program is like making any other business decision: you must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of executive detox retreats to find one that is the best fit. Perhaps the most important feature to seek in executive addiction treatment is a program designed exclusively for the busy executive, professional, or business owner. A treatment facility that provides exclusive luxury rehab services signal that the care providers have considered the unique needs of busy professionals. Furthermore, a drug recovery program that specializes in treating patients from a particular age group, gender, or socioeconomic class may be more effective than programs that try to fit all patients into one treatment approach.

Additionally, it is imperative that an executive addiction disease program take an individualized approach to patient care. No two executives are the same. Factors such as opiate detox protocol, treatment of co-occurring medical issues, mental health history, length of treatment, and type of aftercare support may vary significantly between patients. That is why the Waismann Method center, as one of the top 10 luxury rehabs in California, makes a personalized treatment plan for each patient who steps through the door.

Executive Opiate Addiction Treatment: Rapid Detox and Executive Detox Retreats

The first stage in overcoming addiction to pain pills is undergoing the detoxification process. Our executive rehab program begins with rapid opiate detox, a safe and effective method of cleansing the body of opiates. We tailor our rapid detox protocol to meet each patient's unique needs. Additionally, drug rehabilitation for executives focuses on a calm inpatient environment that caters to a high-end lifestyle.

Following rapid opiate detox in a full service hospital environment, executive drug rehab continues in our exclusive Domus Retreat. As the premier luxury rehab California executives seek, our Domus Retreat provides an array of treatments designed to maintain successful recovery. Again, our executive detox retreats emphasize a personalized approach to client care, with each executive receiving individualized treatment.

Executive life in rehabilitation is designed with busy professionals' needs in mind, while maintaining a focus on a healthy recovery. Our luxury executive treatment programs allow patients to work during their recovery via laptop or tablet at any time they are not in treatment. This helps executives stay focused on recovery while maintaining a productive presence in their organization. Thus, individuals prevent executive detox from having a negative impact on their lives by maintaining their professional and personal responsibilities during recovery.

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