CBD Topicals: An introduction

CBD topicals are products that are used on the surface of the skin to ease muscle and skin related problems. These products include salves, ointments, gels, and patches that can be bought legally in the USA. While various forms of CBD can be ingested like edibles, tinctures, and vape oils, topical forms of CBD are better if you have to treat muscular pain or a skin-related issue. You can find CBD creams for sale a lot easier than you think.

If you’re one of those people who want to use CBD products for various issues but holding back from it because you don’t know much about it, then this article will provide you all the information you need. Also, it will clear some of the misconceptions regarding CBD products that are associated with marijuana or cannabis, which gives you a “high.”

What is CBD?

Before finding the right CBD cream for sale, it’s imperative to educate yourself about CBD. CBD stands for Cannabidiol and CBD products are derived from Cannabis Sativa plants. However, Cannabidiol is just one among the 113 cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant. While cannabidiol has medicinal properties and can be used to alleviate pain, many people keep away from it because of its association with marijuana and the psychoactive effects. CBD accounts for up to 40% of the cannabis plants extracts and is derived from a different type of plant in the cannabis family and not the same one from which marijuana is extracted.

What Is the Difference Between CBD and Marijuana?

CBD and marijuana are extracted from different plants that belong to the same family. The strain from which CBD is extracted is the same one from which hemp oil is also extracted. This strain is known as industrial hemp. Industrial hemp contains high levels of Cannabidiols (CBD) and very low levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In marijuana, the level of THC is high while that of CBD is low. This is why people get “high” when they use marijuana.

Are CBD Topical Items the Same as Hemp Oil?

CBD oil or topical items like CBD creams are not the same as hemp oil. Hemp oil is made by cold-pressing the seeds of the hemp plant while CBD oil and other derivatives of it are produced from the extracts taken from the entire plant.

How Is CBD Extracted from the Plant?

CBD can be easily extracted from hemp, but the process involves harsh solvents that remain in the oil even after the product is manufactured. This can affect the users in a harmful way and is not worthy of use at any cost. The most reliable way of CBD extraction from hemp is by using carbon dioxide (CO2) under high pressure and extremely low temperatures. Once the maximum amount of CBD is extracted, the pressure is lowered, and the carbon dioxide present in it simply evaporates completely. It leaves no traces, and this process doesn’t involve any harmful solvents.

How to Judge the Quality of CBD Cream?

CBD creams and other products like oil and salves are manufactured by many companies. It is vital that you make an informed decision while purchasing and using these products so that you don’t get cheated. Inferior quality products can not only drain your wallet but can be a serious health hazard. The cheaper is never better since the process of CBD extraction, and the manufacturing of derivative products are expensive. If you’re getting these products at surprisingly cheap prices, beware since these products may be of compromised quality.

Try to know how the CBD oil is extracted since the method in which harsh solvents are used can leave toxic residue like butane, propane, and ethanol. CBD oil extracted from organically grown plants using carbon dioxide and tested by third-party labs is the best quality oil that you can buy. When you want to go for products like CBD creams, try to pick out brands that are known for their good quality CBD oil. A trustworthy brand will have good customer service, and they will be all ears to your queries and concerns. Do not buy cheap products from flashy online sales where you don’t even know much about the seller.

When to use CBD topical and when to use ingestible CBD products?

CBD products that can be ingested orally will give you a calm and soothing feel, which is ideal for treating different kinds of pain. Chronic pain associated with various issues like arthritis, chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis, and menstrual pain can be subdued with the use of CBD. However, this kind of treatment is slower and is not effective when it comes to topical issues like skin disorders and muscle pains. Topical application of CBD products like CBD creams will help in soothing rashes and skin irritations. Inflamed skin, blemishes, itchiness, and redness can also be treated with CBD products.

Remember that CBD topical products are meant only for external application and cannot be exchanged for CBD products that have to be consumed orally. In case of ingestion of topical CBD products, you must seek medical assistance immediately since it can be hazardous to your health. Also, make sure that you seek the guidance of your personal doctor while using CBD products so that you can get a better idea on how to maximize the benefits of the products.

If you’re purchasing a CBD cream online, make sure that you check the credibility of the website that you’re buying from. Search for reliable and genuine customer reviews and ratings to evaluate the quality of their service. Try to call up the customer service of the company and ask them about the possible outcomes while using their products and if they are going to be available 24×7 to help you. One of the benefits of purchasing CBD products online is that you get a wide range of products in various quantities, which isn’t the case when purchasing them from a store.

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