Poverty And Its Impact On Breast Cancer

Poverty is no doubt the biggest evil of any society. It actually instigates people to emulate the negative paths which lead to destruction. Poverty is not only a single issue but it creates so many other related issues like hunger, crime, ignorance, ailments etc. breast cancer is also one of those ailments which is very much evident in the women who belongs to poor countries.

Breastlight product awareness initiative also shows this painful situation described by several women who have had been fighting with this menace. So poverty is also a reason behind this disease and it has been noticed that women from poor countries are more likely to die of breast cancer.

The real story

We usually neglect the facts which are actually very much essential to know and to deal with. Poverty can make life worse. People who are facing this evil they are struggling with their life. They have nothing to feed their families. Their low incomes are not sufficed to meet their daily needs. In such situation where they are struggling to manage meal and still might not be able to manage, how they can think about coping any disease like breast cancer. The situation is really very painful. The third world countries are packed with such stories and people of these countries are living life below the poverty line even.

If a woman from any of these countries has been diagnosed with breast cancer, it is almost impossible for her to get the treatment. Treatment is something that comes very lately even she might not get to know about the disease till she reaches her death bed. Life of these people is a misery but they are dragging it because they have no option left behind. The lack of education also plays its role in worsening the situation. Those who are unaware of the basic knowledge about their personal life how can we expect them to talk about breast cancer or any other health condition, certainly no.

Breastlight product awareness page also has highlighted such people and their stories who have no concerns with anything else than to manage a meal. They are not interested to know about the health related issues. Women are not aware of the issues related to their breast health. It is something they feel like as wastage of time which they may utilize to earn something. This is quite an uncertain situation when you are not even sure about your life whether you will be having something to feed your family and yourself the very next moment or not.

The way out

After analyzing the whole scenario it becomes difficult to talk about the solutions as one need to think deeply to seek some way out. Many of the organizations are working in such areas for the health and hygiene issues of that particular vicinity. To reach out these one has to make some personal efforts. It is though not easy but also not impossible. Breastlight product awareness campaign is also one of the campaigns which are initiated to aware the masses about all the possible options to avail for the betterment of health and wellbeing.

The product itself is not very expensive for breast self-examination for those who have concerns for their health. The group of people which has been discussed earlier might not be the one to avail this facility but they can visit such nearby screening points. These screening outlets may not have very state of the art facilities but at least one can have an idea about any changes in the breasts. They can further refer you to some better place where one can have free breast screening.

The journey is very long but not an enigma in any way. The will power and acceptance for sure are the key elements to proceed with otherwise things can reach to the stage where they might not be able to revert. Reveal the hidden dangers instead of nourishing them inside your heart and mind. One day they will certainly drag to an insufferable condition. Learn the obscure things which can benefit you a lot.

Some research about this fact

There are so many researches about this particular matter. Poverty is one of the highlighted reasons behind the increased death rates in women from poor families. It is said that in 1990 women who belongs to an affluent environment were at the high risk of getting breast cancer than those living in the poorer environment but the situation has changed suddenly and the poorer community has had more risks of not only getting breast cancer but deaths rates as well. Again the lack of resources was the presented reason, the same which was presented by Breastlight product awareness initiative.

Join hands to defeat the ignorance

Poverty can be conquered by initiating few beneficial chores which can be helpful. Create opportunities by yourself no matters on how much small level they are. You need to start it by your own. Breastlight product awareness has also emphasized the need for these personal small initiatives. They are the real way out and the chance to regain what all you might have been missing in your life. In this way, you can handle many of the miseries which are affecting your life badly.

Breast cancer can also be defeated by defeating all the evils which are instigating it. Don’t be hesitant to take a step because once you will take a step certainly you will never look back. It is always difficult to take the first step but then destinations become clearer and easy to reach out.


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