Life after Cancer

Enjoying the sunSurviving cancer is a remarkable achievement that many paeple do not have the privilege to accomplish. While cancer survivors view their recovery as a blessing, it can sometimes be difficult for some to cope with how their life has changed. While undergoing diagnostic tests and treatment, many cancer patients had to stop doing their everyday activities such as working, playing sports, or enjoying nights out with friends. Once the treatments stopped and their cancer was in remission, it became a difficult challenge for those people to return back to their pre-cancer lifestyle.

This article is based on the information provided by and discusses the positive and negative repercussions for those fortunate enough to beat cancer and explains how others are able to go back to enjoying their lives, cancer-free.

Celebrate New Beginnings: How to Have a Positive Outlook on Life

One of the things that so many cancer survivors need to remember is that they should embrace their second chance and have a more positive outlook on life. Before cancer, little things may have seemed impossible. But once a person has defeated an illness that is believed to be incurable, they should be convinced that they can take on the world. Defeating cancer should be the main thing that allows those fortunate individuals that life is truly worth living and it is best to make the most of it whenever you can.

Surviving this horrible disease that has claimed thousands of lives can help a person to grow both physically and mentally. Cancer survivors will often embrace their newfound freedom by taking a family vacation that they had been putting off for years or by taking up a brand new hobby such as mountain climbing or fitness training. Your new interests do not have to be that extravagant in order to enforce a new positive outlook on life. Enjoying time with your children or grandchildren or going for a pedicure with your best friends can also help you feel better about yourself.

The Many Benefits of Surviving Cancer

There are many benefits that come along with surviving cancer. Aside from the obvious reasons, surviving cancer allows you to take a second look at your lifestyle choices and make healthy decisions along the way. While receiving cancer treatments, most patients follow a strict diet plan and learn more from their doctors about how to better care of their bodies. After beating cancer, it is a good idea to continue to follow these healthy guidelines in order to regain strength and add more nutritional foods to your diet.

Another benefit of surviving cancer could be that it may change your personality and the way that you treat others. David Goubeaux, a cancer survivor, has said that beating cancer has changed his outlook on like. He doesn't take things for granted any more and he tries to enjoy his life to the fullest. He also adds that he is a kinder and gentler person now after recovering from the disease.

The Negative Side of Cancer Survival

While surviving cancer is a glorious thing, there can be several bad side effects associated with it. For many people, survival may cause an adverse effect and cause former cancer patients to experience bouts of depression.

Those who have received prostate cancer treatment in the past may carry long term side effects according to a new study reported by CBS News. The study originally published by the New England Journal of Medicine stated that while there are some slight differences in the function of the urinary tract, the bowels and libido immediately following prostate cancer treatment, these side effects can also be present up to fifteen years or more after treatment has stopped. Urinary incontinence was the most common side effect throughout the fifteen year span while erectile dysfunction was reported in 87% of the 1,655 men involved in the study.

Surviving cancer can come along with many ups and downs. Patients who have beaten the odds are presented with a second chance at accomplishing their dreams. Yet they may also be consumed with doubt and anxiety, fearing that the disease will come back. Cancer survivors must learn to look past the negative effects and be grateful for what they have achieved. For many, being in remission allows them to develop a brand new outlook on life while they discover new interests and hobbies.

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