5 Ways Quitting Cigarettes Can Improve Your Life


You are probably familiar with the statistics that state how quitting cigarettes can have an almost-instantly positive impact on your health. For instance,as reports, just 20 minutes after smoking your final cigarette your heart rate and blood pressure will drop, two to three weeks later your lung function will increase and one year later the excess risk of coronary heart disease is half that of someone who still smokes.

In addition to these very real and tangible improvements in your physical health, not smoking cigarettes can also help you in your daily interactions in a number of ways.

Your Smile Will Shine

As notes, just a few days after quitting smoking, your smile will look more radiant. Instead of trying to hide your teeth and being ashamed of smoke-related halitosis, you will have a brighter smile and a healthier mouth.

Your Workday Will Improve

You can typically tell who smokes in the workplace — they are the ones who start getting jittery and fidget in their seats during meetings because they are so eager to go outside or to the break room for a cigarette. If you stop smoking cigarettes, you will be able to stay focused on your work for much longer periods and your performance will improve.

Social Engagements Are More Fun

For those who said goodbye to smoking cigarettes, they often find that social engagements are more enjoyable. Rather than choose where to go with your friends and family based on how easy it is for you to smoke cigarettes there, you can go anywhere you want and truly enjoy your time with others, without having to worry about leaving the conversation to grab a cigarette. One quick note: if you are used to combining social activity with cigarettes, it may be challenging to abstain from smoking during these times. As an alternative, you may want to look into e-cigarettes instead; for example, themyblu vape from bluis extremely user friendly, can be enjoyed during a number of social engagements and gives you an option other than traditional cigarettes, which have become kind of taboo.

Your Love Life Can Be Better

Quitting smoking can also improve your love life. Instead of constantly popping breath mints to keep your mouth fresh and suddenly being unable to concentrate on what your sweetie is saying because you really need a cigarette, you can really focus on your time together. For the dudes out there, quitting smoking will also lower your chances of developing erectile dysfunction, as well as improve the chances of having a healthy sex life. You can also use some of the money you save by no longer buying cigarettes to surprise your honey with a romantic date night or even trip away from home.

No More Smoke Smell in the Car

Another way that quitting cigarettes will greatly improve your daily life is by eliminating that nasty smell of stale smoke in your car. Granted, if you smoked in your vehicle on the regular, it may take a while to get the smell out of there, but treat yourself to an interior detail job if you can, spring for a few air fresheners and keep the windows open when driving when you can and in no time your car will no longer offend you and your passengers with its aroma.

One Decision Will Improve Your Life in Multiple Ways

It’s amazing how deciding to quit smoking cigarettes will impact your life for the better. In addition to the very real benefits to your physical health, your decision will branch out to other areas of your life and improve your daily interactions and experiences in a number of ways.

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