Why You Should Use Premade Fans Lashes

Premade fans eyelash extensions are a type of volume lash extension. Volume lash extensions are made up of many lash extensions that are linked together at the root. To be more specific, they are created by affixing a lash fan to another natural lash. Two to ten incredibly thin lash fibres will be linked together from the roots to create these premade fans.

The term comes from the fact that they resemble fans. Premade fans are distinct in that the lash fibres have already been joined and are ready to use. It’s a cluster of two to sixteen lashes that have been glued or heat-bonded together at the base.

A lash extension supplier would frequently make premade fans in advance and then supply them to lash artists for application. A machine is usually used to assist in the manufacturing process, resulting in a speedy and efficient procedure. The finished prefabricated fans are packaged in trays that resemble lash strips. This article will explain why you should use prepared fans.

Why Choose Premade Fans?

Making your own lash fans is a time-consuming process that any lash artist is aware of. As a result, the most significant benefit of prepared fans is the saved time. You’ll be able to service more clients each day thanks to the time you’ve saved. Thanks to eyelash extension ready-made fans, there are numerous ways to improve your earnings without spending a lot of money on promotion or merchandise.

Another advantage of premade fans is that they are specifically intended for easy connection. Furthermore, with these fans, you only need to understand fundamental lash extension procedures, saving you time and effort in learning and studying. Premade fans are also more self-maintaining than handcrafted fans in that they preserve their shape well and are thus easier to attach.

Premade volume lashes are simple to apply. You can be confident that these are user-friendly because they have thin bases. Furthermore, you may easily take things up and put them to use. Any lash artist wouldn’t have to worry about curling or applying lashes because they’re already curled. All you have to do now is make them travel in the right direction, and they’ll be ready to use.

How to Use Premade Fans

They’re usually used as single lashes, with a premade eyelash fan affixed to the client’s own natural lash. When you receive your order of eyelash extension premade fans, open the tray and take one fan with your tweezers.

Dip the narrow end of the fan lightly into the lash glue after it has been prepared. After that, begin attaching the fan to the client’s natural lash. Premade fans are very easy to use and need little effort to apply successfully. However, any lash artists must still take care of their work, but using ready-made fans makes it a lot easier.

Is Premade Fans Safe For Eyelashes?

Premade fans are safe for eyelashes and nothing can go wrong as long as they’re used correctly. Damage will occur only if they are applied too close to the skin, with too much adhesive, with incorrect isolation, or without taking into account the client’s lash condition.

Work with lash artists that are experts in their field. One should avoid doing it at home because the eyelash extension adhesive can be harmful, you’ll be dealing with sharp tweezers, and you’ll never know what the results will be. Hence, always work with trained and experienced lash experts if you want safe and beautiful eyelash extensions.

Premade Fans vs. Promade Fans

The Promade fans are handcrafted by lash artists without the use of automation. These are frequently created in real time during the appointment. Promade fans are made by pulling a few extensions from a strip, fanning them according to the artist’s preference, soaking them in glue, and applying them to the client’s lash, resulting in a strong attachment to the natural lash.

On the other hand, the manufacturer prepares premade fans and delivers them to the artist ready to be dipped and applied to a client’s lash. Strip lashes are made in the same way that premade fans are. Despite the fact that a person is present, they are totally supported by machines. The base of premade volume fans is then either heat-bonded or fastened with a small amount of adhesive. The finished product, like individual lash extensions, is packaged in a tray and connected to an adhesive strip.

Advantages of Premade Fans

  1. Saves Time

Premade lashes make application considerably easier. Premade fans are ready to apply, saving the lash specialist a lot of time as compared to handcrafted volume fans, which are manufactured by hand.

  1. Simple to Use

Premade fans are more practical and manageable because not all lash artists are conversant with all volume approaches. It’s ideal for beginner lash artists who are just getting started in the lash industry because it doesn’t require extensive training.

  1. Better Results

Premade fans produce perfectly symmetrical fans with clean results. Your clients will be pleased with the results as long as you use the proper tools and techniques.

Types of Premade Volume Fans

Glue-Bonded Premade Fans

Glue-bonded premade fans use adhesive to hold the individual lashes that make up the fan together. You’ll need to apply adhesive to connect the fan to your clients’ natural lashes if you’re using glue-bonded premade volume lashes. Glue-attached premade fans are attractive and functional, but they may be too heavy for your clients.

The fans weigh more than heat-bonded premade volume lashes, since they are kept together with glue. Furthermore, because you’ll need to apply additional adhesive to the fan’s end, achieving a flawless attachment to your client’s natural lash can be difficult. The adhesive that binds the fan together and the adhesive that secures the fan to the natural lash’s base may clump together, which isn’t perfect.

Heat-Bonded Premade Fans

Heat-bonded volume lashes, on the other hand, are joined together at the bottom with nothing but heat. Only heat is used to bind the lashes together at the bottom of these fans Heat-bonded premade fans are an excellent safe alternative to glued fans. Heat-bonded premade fans can assist lash artists of all abilities add depth, length, drama, and curl to a client’s natural lashes without the need of bulky adhesive.

Is Premade Fans Worth it?

Many people have misconceptions about premade volume fans. However, premade fans aren’t always terrible. You may save time and improve your volume lashing method by using premade volume fans. It’s also easier to manage the amount of glue you use with premade fans, especially heat-bonded fans. They are also easier to remove than hand-made fans.

However, when purchasing premade volume fans, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Depending on who creates the fans, the quality of the fans can vary dramatically. You should look for premade fans with tiny stems that look similar to handcrafted fans by doing some research.

Many lash artists who produce handmade volume fans have honed their skills over many years. Premade volume fans are an excellent method to learn how to volumise while honing your own talents.


Any lash artist’s top priority is to make the clients satisfied. So, if your clients want to have fuller, faster, and more natural lashes, then you must provide them to cater their needs. In order to save both time and money, lash artists should use premade fans as and when required or as per their clients conditions.

Even having premade lash fans can relieve you of the burden of making volume fans by hand and fanning them out. Also, using premade lash fans is simple to use, which means it’s very helpful for the beginner lash artist.

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