Why It’s Important to Use Skin Care Products after Shaving

The vast majority of men couldn’t care less about skin care products. All they do after shaving is throw some aftershave on and they’re good to go. With all these, a man’s skin needs a lot more than that.

In the following, we’ll list some of the reasons why men should consider applying skin care products on their faces after shaving – products that are not aftershave, to be clear from the very start.

The Top 4 Reasons

There are several reasons why you may want to use some skin care products after you shave – all of them leading to their own effect. These reasons, once tended to, will make the difference between a flawless sexy chin and a horrible shaving disaster.

  1. Shaving Dries The Skin Up

Even more than it already is; those with naturally dry skin must apply a moisturizer after they’ve shaved. Aftershave merely irritates the skin – it doesn’t moisten it in the least bit.

Before you know it, your skin will lose its natural color and will become so itchy that it’ll drive you insane. If you’re a guy that loves his aftershave, consider purchasing one that doesn’t have alcohol and comes in the form of cream.

This way, you hit two birds with only one stone: you keep your face properly moisturized and you’ll make it smell fresh.

  1. Shaving Doesn’t Clean The Skin

This is a huge misconception that needs to be dispelled. As many men would like to think that shaving unclogs their pores and gets rid of acne, it does not. Subsequently, they should use some men’s skincare products that help in this regard.

A facemask and a good face wash can do the trick. You should assess what type of skin you have, though, so as not to clog your pores even further and make your acne go crazy.

  1. Shaving Doesn’t Balance the pH of Your Skin

Aloe Vera does, on the other hand. Where can you find it? In most skincare products, of course. If your skin is particularly sensitive and it irritates severely each time you shave, an aloe vera cream will get you rid of the redness and the itchiness.

If your skin is irritated after shaving, chances are that you might also not be using the right shaving cream or razor. You may want to go for a safety razor that will go deep into the pore, cutting the hair – but you may also want to invest in a “creamy” shaving cream that will allow the razor to glide.

  1. Shaving Doesn’t Halt Aging

It would’ve been amazing if it did, but well, we live on planet Earth. Luckily, there are myriad skin products that have been shown to have anti-aging benefits. They’re extremely affordable, which is one more reason for you to try them out.

We don’t mean to influence your purchase, but consider getting a product that has collagen in it – this will improve the elasticity of your skin whilst keeping it young.

You’ll eventually get wrinkles, but later than you would have gotten them without using an anti-aging product.

Finding the Perfect Product

When it comes to skin care products, one size does not fit all. Depending on your skin and beard type, a product that is perfect for your friend may be a complete disaster for your skin.

For example, men with a darker skin color are more likely to suffer from ingrown hair – so certain shaving creams and lotions may not be a good option for you. The same thing applies if you are prone to allergic reactions or irritation.

You need to buy a product that you know for sure for sure won’t make your skin condition worse. If your skin is dry, get a cream that is moisturizing – not a lotion. Creams are better at entering the skin, compared to lotions that may block your pores.

Similarly, if your skin is sensitive, you should focus on skincare products that don’t use any fragrance oil or harsh chemicals. The organic ones are generally the ones you should place your trust in.

Lastly, it would be ideal if you turned your skin care use into a routine. The skin knows when you “skip” a step, and the next time you skip your weekly face mask, your skin might retaliate with a glorious irritation or acne breakout.

The Bottom Line

There’s nothing unmanly about using skincare products and more men need to realize that. There’s nothing unmanly about keeping your skin healthy and with a proper, natural tone.

Shaving is necessary, yes, but it doesn’t do any good apart from disposing of facial hair. Therefore, it is warranted that you use some other products, not only aftershaves. Again, make sure you know what type of skin you have before you purchase any creams or masks.

Hope this helped a little bit in clarifying things.

If you have any questions, please ask below!