Why are vaginal cosmetic surgeries becoming more popular?

frfwetOver the last few years, there has been an increasing demand for vaginal cosmetic surgeries or the ‘designer vagina’ as many refer to it. Not just for older ladies, young women are also choosing to try out these procedures and for a variety of reasons.

What is vaginal surgery?

Just like any other muscles, the vaginal muscles need a workout in order to keep them in good condition. The vaginal muscles can be tightened through pelvic floor muscle exercises, known as Kegels, but cosmetic surgeries can produce the same results, a lot more quickly. There are many different reasons why the demand for vaginal cosmetic procedures such as vaginal tightening is increasing and a lot of this is down to the individuals.

It’s trendy

Some may find it hard to believe, but vaginal cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly trendy these days thanks to procedures made famous by programmes such as The Only Way is Essex. There are an increasing number of celebrities opening up about their surgery experiences and the reasons they decided to undergo a cosmetic procedure online and on social media. This has removed any stigma attached and means women now see it as a viable choice, whether young or old.

Bladder weakness

There are, of course, more serious medical reasons why many women undertake these procedures. Bladder weakness is one problem which is particularly prevalent with women who have had children, and bladder weakness can cause a lot of stress, not to mention embarrassment. When the vaginal walls become weaker, it makes it more difficult to wait to go to the toilet, while tight muscles will help prevent bladder weakness. Many women opt for surgery for this very reason so they can continue about their day in confidence.


Daily activities, such as exercising and walking, can be uncomfortable if the vaginal muscles are weaker than they should be. Rubbing and burning are just two of the possible results of the vagina becoming stretched and many women opt for surgery to make life easier. It can make even the simplest task more difficult, so it’s understandable that many women seek an alternative.


After childbirth, many women feel less secure about their bodies and, in particular, may worry about the appearance and/or the function of their vagina. The surgery can be used as a way of building confidence again and feeling more comfortable, particularly in the bedroom department.

Improve sex life

Of course, with the tightening of the vaginal muscles brings greater sexual pleasure for both parties and whether this is part of the reason or the whole reason for the procedure, it can be an important factor. It is particularly beneficial for women who have had a few children and are perhaps not feeling as satisfied as they may have been before.

Societal Pressure

The downside of celebrities opening up about their experiences with cosmetic surgery to enhance the appearance of their vagina is that it creates a pressure on women to achieve these beauty standards. Many women may feel that the natural appearance of their body does not match the image which is being projected on television and in magazines, causing them to feel insecure, undesirable and uncomfortable. This can lead some women to choose to have vaginal cosmetic surgery.

There is a greater awareness of cosmetic procedures of this nature, which is the main reason why its popularity is growing. As more people open up and discuss their experiences with the procedure, it reduces the stigma and secrecy attached. Everyone will have different reasons for undertaking this kind of surgery and each is as valid as the next.

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