What To Know About Laser Hair Removal

fwefwefwefwWe all have unwanted hair on different parts of our bodies and we like to get rid of them. Isn’t it very cumbersome to shave legs every other day or to have bleaching done for the upper lip hairs or find some solution to get rid of chin hair? There are different ways to get rid of unwanted hair from our body but these traditional ways are time consuming, expensive and painful. All these methods can remove unwanted hair temporarily. If you are looking for some permanent solution to remove unwanted hair from your body, look for painless laser hair removal treatment. For the past few years, the method has gained popularity because of its safety as well as effectiveness.

How the treatment works?

The laser emits energy in the form of light beams that passes through the skin and reaches the hair follicle. The energy is absorbed into the hair follicle and destroys them so that hair doesn’t grow at that place again. The treatment l can be used in all parts of the body e.g. legs, arms, face, bikini line and also for all skin types.

To ensure the hair removal technique is faster and more effective, diode lasers are used which is the most effective out of all laser wavelengths used for removed hair. A beam of light is emitted on the area from where hair has to be removed and without damaging the skin, the beam of light reaches pigment present within the hair follicle and hair shaft. When follicles absorb laser energy, they become disabled and could not produce new hair. Now you can have long lasting hair removal just in no time.

It is advisable to get hair removal done from a reputed medical practice so that you get treated with the best equipments and the latest technologies could be used. The treatment causes minimum discomfort and the latest laser machines have inbuilt cooling system. In some cases ice packs are given before and after hair removal. In some cases localized swelling is there but that subsides within 24 hours of the treatment session.

Benefits of painless laser hair removal

With painless hair removal, it is possible to get rid of unwanted hair much faster. Without slightest discomfort, hair removal is done. The state-of-the-art sweeping, paintbrush technique, unwanted hair could be removed in the shortest possible time with lesser numbers of visit to the clinic.

The procedure is effective for men and women both and it could be used for any skin type. Laser treatment is not recommended for sunburned skin. The treatment targets the pigment present in the hair follicle and shaft so it would not be effective for removal of gray, blonde or red hair. Only licensed physicians can apply the laser hair removal technique on their patients to give them comfortable, painless hair removal in no downtime.

There are numbers of benefits of hair removal using laser technology. Hair removal is always conducted under the super vision of expert medical practitioner. He or she will assess the skin and hair type to determine the treatments and patients get to know how many sessions are needed to get rid of the unwanted hair completely. Generally 4-6 sessions of hair removal sessions are enough which are carried out at regular interval of 4-6 weeks. Both men and women can get benefitted from the treatment. The benefits are:

  • Smooth and hairless skin that gives wonderful look to anybody
  • Men can get rid of regular shaving and razor rashes
  • Girls can wear any kind of dresses
  • Removal of unwanted hair from upper lip and chin make girls more confident because they have improved looks
  • As you get permanent solution for unwanted hair, you can enjoy your day to day life as well as special occasion
  • You save your time and money which you would have needed for traditional hair removal methods

Hair Removal For Men

Laser hair removal treatment is a wonderful solution for men too. The numbers of men looking for permanent solutions for unwanted hair are increasing and the treatment is the best solution. Men opt for hair removal from legs, back and chest. Those who do not like shaving opt for the procedure in their beard area. This helps the men in getting rid of inflammation of skin that happens due to regular shaving.

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