What Are Power Chains For Braces?

bracesYour orthodontist may have recommended braces to correct your smile, but did they recommend power chains as well? Many people believe that double power chain braces are only useful if you already have teeth that stick out or if you need to use expanders, but this isn’t always the case. Power chains can be used with any kind of brace setup and can actually help to improve your smile even if you don’t have severe crowding issues. They can also help prevent pain and discomfort related to traditional metal braces.

What Are Power Chain Braces?

If you have braces and you’re looking for a way to reduce discomfort, improve chewing efficiency and generally make your day easier, power chain braces might be for you. Many patients are surprised to learn that their orthodontist doesn’t stock or recommend these special devices. The truth is, many dental offices don’t – but it’s an option worth exploring if traditional plastic elastics aren’t helping enough. If your dentist says no, find one who will say yes!

What Do Power Chain Braces Do?

A power chain helps you to remove food particles from your braces by cleaning each tooth as you brush. As part of your dental hygiene routine, a power chain is used with interdental brushes and allows you to clean deeper than before for more complete oral health. Each patient’s dentist can determine whether or not a power chain will be beneficial to their oral health routine. If you have any questions about if power chains are right for you, contact us today at Modern Smiles!

Types Of Power Chains For Braces

There are many types of power chains and you need to choose one depending on your braces and teeth. The shape, size, material and color can be a factor when making a decision. Make sure that they go with your braces, match them well and do not make them look odd. They should have fun colors or shades which can bring life to your teeth and braces set but they must also be durable so they will last for years. Also, you have to consider some other factors such as price or comfortability of wearing it all day long because some people find powerchains uncomfortable after hours of use but others say they are very comfortable once adjusted right into place.

What Is Double Power Chain Braces?

The main goal is to provide additional support and resistance to those affected by malocclusion of incisors. Use of a regular elastic chain (also known as powerchain) after dental braces was often ineffective in providing extra stabilization for patients with malocclusion of incisors. The problem is that a powerchain requires two fixed points between which it can slide, and for braces there are typically only one set of brackets per tooth. However, double power chains solve that problem, as they have two attachments to each tooth. Double powerchains also offer much greater resistance than single chains because patients experience double force when opening their mouths. This means that double chains are able to help realign teeth more quickly than with a single chain, potentially saving you time and money.

What Power Chain Color Should I Get?

You may have noticed that power chains come in a variety of colors. It’s not just for looks either—the color is an important factor in how you can use your power chain colors. Typically, white and clear chains are used for aligners and removable braces, while colored ones work best with fixed braces. This is because a colored chain (like red or blue) will be visible through your teeth when you bite down, which means it would get in your way more than one that’s clear or white.

When Should You Get Black Power Chain Braces?

Anyone who has been wearing braces for a while will tell you that your teeth aren’t going to line up overnight. In fact, it can take a couple of years (or more) for teeth to line up enough to be able to wear non-powered braces without experiencing pain or feeling like your teeth are still crooked. You may have heard of black power chain braces, but you may not know why they exist. That’s what we’re here for! There are actually several different reasons black power chain braces can help correct crooked teeth

Are Power Chain Braces Painful?

How much power chain braces hurt depends on how severe your case of crooked teeth is. However, once your orthodontist attaches them to your teeth, you’ll stop feeling any pain and you won’t notice them after a couple of days. It will feel like an extension of your jawbone, which it basically is. The good news is that most people who have worn braces before say that power chains are very comfortable—so we think you’ll be satisfied with their comfort. Furthermore, there are different types of braces for braces with different types of comfort levels, so if you do feel any pain while wearing them let us know and we can suggest a better solution.

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