Types of Hair Extensions

lady with a beautiful long hairDo you feel like your hair needs a little boost? From clip-in hair extensions to hair-by-hair extensions and weaves, there are a wide variety of hair extensions available to suit any colour, length, and style.

Choosing the right type of hair extension can be difficult, particularly if you're new to the world of hair and make-up. Read on to learn from the experts at Hershesons and discover the best hair extensions for your hair type, colour, and length.

Clip-in hair extensions: Ideal for creating temporary length for events

If you'd like to give your hair a boost without spending hours with your stylist, clip-in hair extensions are a great choice. These hair extensions clip discreetly into your natural hair, giving you a nice length boost that's easy to secure and remove.

While the clips used to secure clip-in extensions are far from bulky, they can show up in fine or very light hair, particularly in harsh lighting. Because of this, they're a great choice for people with dark or thick hair that can easily obscure the clips.

Partial weaves: Excellent for adding volume to thick and curly hair

Unlike clip-in hair extensions, which are secured to your natural hair using a small clip, weaves are braided into your hair close to the scalp. This makes them a more permanent option for adding volume and length to your natural hair.

Since weaves are tightly braided into your natural hair, they can require a lot more care than clip-in extensions. Try to avoid washing your hair too frequently, as water will loosen the braids and cause the extensions to become more obvious.

Strand-by-strand hair extensions: The ideal choice for light or thin hair

Strand-by-strand hair extensions (also known as pre-bonded extensions) are glued into your natural hair using a protein known as Keratin. Because they use no clips or braids, strand-by-strand hair extensions tend to look remarkably natural.

Unlike clip-in hair extensions and full or partial weaves, pre-bonded hair extensions are an excellent choice for people with lightly coloured or thin hair. They're also the most durable form of hair extensions, lasting for several months at a time.

Human or artificial hair: Which is the best choice?

Hair extensions of all types can be made from both natural and artificial hair. The two materials need to be cared for very differently, making it important that you pick hair extensions made from a material that suits your individual style needs.

Synthetic hair extensions, for the most part, can't be exposed to heat in the same way that human hair extensions can. This means that you won't be able to apply heat to your hair, particularly from a straightener or hair curler.

Human hair, on the other hand, can be treated like your own. As well as resisting heat far better than synthetic hair, human hair extensions generally look far more natural, especially when they accurately match your hair’s texture and colour. Visit for more hair colours.

The Last Word

The pace of modern life can be hectic, which means that it is not always easy to look your best. Hair extensions have therefore emerged as a key component of the average woman’s beauty regime, as they provide an affordable and versatile solution to any scheduling issues that you may have.

Not only can they add volume to your existing style, but they also help you to introduce new and vibrant colours. On a final note, hair extensions can also be used to create a brand new look for special occasions, which can also save significant amounts of time, money and effort as you look to make the most from your appearance.

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  1. Victoria Seyler

    Hair extensions are made from various styles and types of hair, with synthetic hair being one of them. Synthetic hair extensions are a cheap way for you to extend your existing hair, but there is little else you can do with them with regards to styling. Synthetic hair is generally used for bright, funky fashion colours, such as pinks, greens and blues, although these colours are also available in human hair. This type of extensions are made from materials such as nylon, polyester, kankalon or modacrylic and do not respond well to heat or friction. Synthetic hair is very easy to wear, and requires little maintenance. Unlike human hair the synthetic fibres need minimal or no styling after washing.

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