Top Six Most Common Rhinoplasty Facts You Should Know

tegrtgerhyRhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that most people have heard of. Most people know that Rhinoplasty is meant to repair or change the structure or shape of the nose. What else do people know? Perhaps not enough!

Rhinoplasty is growing fast, and since few Surgeons have specialized in nose jobs,
we look at six facts of the Rhinoplasty that people need to know before undergoing the procedure.

Here are the six facts that will help you to make a wiser decision about having Rhinoplasty.

  1. Nose job uses other parts of the body

Most people assume plastic surgery like nose job uses implants to repair or change the nose. Well, sometimes implants are used, but taking skin or cartilage from some parts of the body is more common.

One of the common form of nose job uses the forehead’s skin. The skin is cut and shaped into the required shape.

  1. There is no perfect Rhinoplasty

You should know that Rhinoplasty procedure is to enhance parts of the nose by correcting it. There is nothing like a perfect face, and no one has ever heard of someone undergoing surgery to have a perfect nose.

Patients who consider the procedure and undergo it are happy with the outcome when any unhappiness in their nasal features are corrected quickly. Most people find it exciting when changes are made in the nose tip’s projection and nasal hump. However, they have to adjust to the new look.

  1. You can’t trust any plastic surgeon

Being consulted by specialist plastic surgeon doesn’t mean that they have the required skills for Rhinoplasty. Most top plastic surgeons don’t want to perform nose job procedure because a good number of previous patients want further surgery to make changes in the first procedure.

Before choosing a surgeon, you should gather some information such as the number of Rhinoplasty procedures done by the doctor and the number of patients that need revision surgery. You should also see up to date portfolio of the photos of Rhinoplasty before and after the procedure. You should look for pictures that are same with your goals.

Performing Rhinoplastic isn’t an easy process. The nasal passages are complicated, and the nose is small. It takes someone skilled to alter or sculpt the nose and produce a subtle result and natural looking. When you want a good surgeon, you should look for a surgeon with several years of experience and the one with a specialty in nasal surgery.

  1. Rhinoplasty is not for everyone

About 15% of those who want Rhinoplasty aren’t ideal candidate. These number could be those patients who went to other clinic and now want changes to be made or those patients who have traveled abroad for the procedure.

The goal of the procedure is to achieve results with the first procedure. Some people don’t have realistic expectations and should assess their motives as chances are that they will end up frustrated even when their results are achieved. Rhinoplasty isn’t meant for everyone, and all surgeons explain all the changes that will be done before the procedure.

  1. Healing process can take a year to complete

You shouldn’t be scared about the statement since it doesn’t mean that you will have to wait for a year to see results.

Results of Rhinoplasty can be seen few days after the procedure. You should know that internal scarring to the bone structure and cartilage changes can take up to a year to heal. Swelling can reduce after about ten days. However, the healing process will enhance results.

  1. Nose changes with time

You should know that Rhinoplasty is only offered to adults since the nose hasn’t taken a final look for those under 18 years old. You might think that you will want nose reshaping at an early stage, but people should wait until they have reached 18 – 21 years old before undergoing the procedure.

You should also note that as you age, there might be slight changes in the shape of your nose. However, it doesn’t mean that the nasal hump will regrow. The aging process will change all the parts of the body including the nose.


A thorough understanding of the nose job surgery will help in reducing frustrations. These facts will assist in making the right decision when considering Rhinoplasty.

Picking the right surgeon can assist in reducing the risk for complications and the need for a revision. Since, you have also known that there is no perfect nose and that Rhinoplasty isn’t for everyone, consider the fact that results can turn out the way you didn’t expect. But for better results, you need to talk with the specialist to reduce chances of revision.

If you have any questions, please ask below!