Tips to Help You Avoid Having Oily Skin

Having oily skin will make you lose confidence. You start feeling conscious of your appearance especially if there is a significant event. The problem is that when you leave home during the day, you are oil-free. You feel confident about meeting other people. As the day progresses, you start feeling sticky and oily. When you check the mirror, it is as if someone poured grease on your face.

The worst part is that if you have oily skin, it could lead to visible pores that are also not pleasing to the eyes. Your skin looks rough, and pimples will start to appear. You might attempt to hide these blemishes with makeup, but it is difficult finding a makeup that sticks to oily skin.

Various factors cause the oiliness of the skin. It could be the food that you eat. It could also be the hair products that you use. Genetics is also another factor that affects your skin condition. Even high levels of stress could impact the production of sebum by the body.

What to do about oily skin? Read below.

Wash your skin regularly

You need to start with regular cleansing of your face. You can use oil-free soap or facial cleansers. You also need to rinse it off with warm water. Avoid using products that can dry your skin especially the ones with tons of chemicals in them. Products with fragrances are also not suitable for oily skin. Avoid using a loofah or washcloths for your face. If you notice that your skin starts looking oily, you can wash it with the right skin care product. Make sure not to do it all the time though as it could affect the moisture level of your skin.

Use a toner

You can use natural astringents that can help remove oil and prevent it from affecting your skin. However, astringent toners could be too harsh and might leave your skin dry. When you use the right toner, it will help make large pores seem small, and it also removes bits of makeup that clog the pores. You need to find the right toner that matches your skin, and a consultation with your dermatologist could help.

Always pat your face dry

Gently pat your skin with the use of a soft dry towel after using toner and facial cleaners. You need to be careful in using fabric on your face as it could do the reverse and stimulate more sebum.

Use blotting papers

You can buy absorbent papers that help remove oil from the skin. They do not necessarily treat sebum production, but they can help remove excess oil on the surface. You might also try cloth pads with cleansing ingredients if you want to cleanse the pores and keep your face oil-free for a long time.

Use serum

You can find the best serum for oily skin that contains vitamin C and other nutrients to keep your skin looking healthy. Use it regularly; you only need a few drops to ensure that you have healthy and bright skin.

With these tips, you can now say goodbye to oily and terrible looking skin.

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