Things That We Should Avoid If We Want to Preserve Our Teeth

F1If there is one thing that people are careless with, it is their teeth and, truth be told, we only tend to increase our care for them once they start to hurt. Toothaches are so painful that they prevent us from falling asleep, eating or concentrating on anything else during the day.

There are various activates and bad habits, causing your teeth to decay or lose their density, thus resulting in a troublesome toothache, which is a real pain in the neck. Here are some things that are to be avoided if you care for the wellbeing of your teeth.

Do not use them as bottle openers

Whenever someone needs to open a bottle of beer, and there is no bottle opener within a two-step vicinity, our instincts compel us to use our teeth. Sure, no harm will come to them if we open one or two bottles, but making the use of the bottle opener obsolete by completely replacing it with our teeth is a good recipe for a toothache. Sooner or later, a tooth is bound to fall out, or a part of it will chip off at least, and both of these scenarios are painful enough, to make you regret making this life decision.

Avoid unnecessary stress

Stress can lead to a lot of repressed anger, and that leaves people grinding their teeth, even during their sleep. You need to find ways to reduce stress, like massages, meditation, a day off etc., since its continuous accumulation will only result in health problems, headaches, back pain and you may also damage your teeth by grinding them.

It can be hard to deal with your stress on your own, so do not hesitate to contact a psychologist to help you. Just like being on a junk food diet, or constant intake of bad drinks, stress can really mess up your health.

Be careful what you drink

Coffee, fizzy drinks, alcohol, tea and drinks with citric acid, are all responsible when your teeth lose their density, start to decay or lose their natural colour. Continuous intake of these drinks can lead to a smile that you would be ashamed of. To make things worse, once you become aware of the condition your teeth are in, you will only postpone visiting a dentist, since you will need to endure a world of agony there.

Moreover, do not delude yourself that by drinking sugar free drinks you are efficiently preserving your teeth. Sugar free drinks are good for fighting obesity, but as far as teeth are concerned they can be quite harmful. Make sure you brush your teeth diligently after taking any of these products, in order to reduce the damage they cause.

Minimize meals that are filled with sugar


Fast food, hard candy, starchy food, etc. can cause bacteria to swarm in your mouth, thus helping tooth decay develop and spread more quickly. Truth be told, almost anything we eat will cause some sort of side effect. If our oral hygiene is poor, this is all the more reason for you to both brush and floss regularly.

There are various types of dental services that can help you, and visiting your dentist is extremely important, regardless of your diet. Of course, it is not like our teeth are so weak and vulnerable, that it is only a matter of days before they give out, but eating unhealthy food without moderation will eventually cause them to crumble.

Avoid violent sports

There are a couple of sports that are very likely to give someone a severe head injury. Sports like rugby, hockey and boxing thrive on the fact that participants are exposed to danger, and that one must possess great courage if he or she is to be a part of them. Rugby lacks the protective gear, hockey players swing their hockey sticks all over the place, and boxing simply revolves around injuring your opponent.

People are actually considered lucky if they only lose their teeth while participating in these activates, since injuries sustained by players are sometimes really hard to even look at.

We must always strive to preserve our teeth, them being an important tool for our everyday life, and taking them for granted like a lot of people tend to do is certainly not the way to go. You will have a lot more confidence knowing you have a beautiful smile, so work towards that goal.


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