The Ultimate Guide To Grooming Your Beard

Have you thought about having a new facial style that will really wow your admirers? Bearded looks are gaining more popularity nowadays off the back of the rise of the hipster culture. Men have the opportunity to enhance their look with their own home kits, such as the ones available from The Shaver Hut. Alternatively, they can seek out some of the hottest barbers around town that can design their beard in a way that will further enhance the masculine etiquette that a beard has to offer.


I'm sure you have a friend that has and loves his beard. As a matter of fact, it is the look that he always wanted. The bearded look was strong with him. There is a great feeling about having a beard that can look good all of the time. There are a few simple ways to maintain your bearded looks, depending on the type of beard style that you are sporting. We look at beard styles options for those that are willing to take out their shavers and are willing to try out a new look!

Before you go for a new bearded look…


Make sure to consider a style that will suit your facial features. Also, consider a style that will allow you to maintain good grooming habits. Remember that the beard design that decide to fashion, will be an expression of yourself.

Bearded stubble

A stylish and sophisticated look involves a more rugged approach with bearded stubble. To have a more masculine and handsome face, allow the beard to grow a few millimetres and then trim the beard length accordingly. For a more rugged look, let the beard grow out naturally. For a neater look, aim to keep the beard at one to three millimetres in length.


The French Goatee

The French goatee is a classic look. You will need to shave the bearded sideburns and along the cheek to give the facial hair a ‘boxed look' around the mouth. This will need to be shaved clean to the skin (a zero). The beard and moustache can be shaped accordingly.

The ghost look

Hip-hop star Flo Rida made this look popular. The look involves a box shape on the chin, where the inside of the box is clean-shaven down towards the chin. The beard will be maintained all the way to the neckline. At the neckline, the hair will need to be clean-shaven down the neck. The beard line that runs along the cheekbone will also need to be clean-shaven upwards and join the sideburn at the ear. To provide the ‘ghost' or ‘faded look', the beard will need to be trimmed at a lower gradient along the cheeks. Where you would have a French goatee, this part of the beard will remain at a slightly longer length. Along the cheekbones, trim the hair against the gradient until the beard starts to appear faded.

The fully-fledged beard


Growing a full, clean and attractive beard is the main goal for a man. Maintaining one is equally as important. If you are going to grow a full beard, the first thing is to make sure you shave along your neckline all the way up to your ear. Ensure that this is cut down to the skin level (or a zero level). This will give the beard a more ‘full' look and will look neat.

Secondly, trim the beard hair's ends to make the beard look neater. Depending on the shape that you want your beard to have, trim with a consistent grading (for example, a 2 or 3) to give the beard a more rounded look, or trim the sides lower to give the beard a more angled look.

These are a few looks that you can opt for to give an extra sense of character to your facial features. Go ahead and try out a new style today!

If you have any questions, please ask below!