The Rise Of Male Grooming [Infographic]

In our modern societies, it is no longer considered emasculating – as it used to be before – for men to groom themselves and take care of their physical attire. In fact, from professional hair plucking to luxury barbering, men’s grooming businesses are booming more than ever.

Certain people have been attributing this recent change in both men and women’s attitudes when it comes to male grooming to the rise of feminism as well as women taking on more of what were previously considered male roles in society.

In fact, the women of our modern days have been – for the past few years – working what were previously considered to be male jobs. They’ve also started taking care of household expenses, even dressing more boldly as opposed to wearing mostly skirts and dresses as well as being the main bread winners of the household. This change in women’s roles in society means that there is more room for men to become stay at home parents and to have more time to groom themselves.

The following male grooming infographic by illustrates specific stats and trends when it comes to male grooming.


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