The Future of Stretch Mark Laser Removal

There is enough evidence to show that laser stretch mark removal technology is an ever-evolving methodology. Lasers are being developed to deal with the factors that promote the development of stretch marks as well as offer curative treatment to the visible marks. Thus the methods are becoming more efficient every day.

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The benefits of laser stretch mark removal technique

Due to these massive advantages of lasers in the treatment of stretch marks, there is a probability that people will embrace the treatment method more in future than ever before. These include:

  • The results are a smooth better-looking skin without any need to do surgery.
  • It’s relatively cheaper than the surgical method or the creams depending on the number of sessions that are meant to clear the stretch marks.
  • There are minimal side effects that are associated with the procedure and the recovery period is short or none at all. They can be done on a typical working day and return back to work.
  • They are friendlier to the patient since they cause little or no pain.

In the past, a single laser was used to treat various medical conditions with no specialty but having a claim to cure all. For example, the carbon dioxide laser would be used in wrinkles removal and still be used in varicose veins removal as well as in stretch marks. There may be no law restricting its use in many such operations. The development in technology makes failure to use the right laser for its rightful purpose.

This is because of a dismissal ticket to your client since they will get a person to advise them accordingly. There are likely to be more controls from the governing authority to curb misuse of the lasers. The lasers are becoming more affordable, and every aesthetic practitioner is trying to acquire one and bring the services closer to their customers.

The risk with this strategy is lack of proper knowledge about how the skin works on the part of a majority of these practitioners. This has led to severe side effects that result in excessive discoloration or massive tissue burns. The lasers are only 80% effective in removing stretch marks. With the increased quest for efficiency by the people, there is a likelihood that laser treatment will become part of a process.


This is rather than an independent treatment method. The causes of stretch marks are variant depending on each case, in the same manner; the treatment should be treated at an individual level. For example, some people develop stretch marks due to lack of enough collagen associated with aging while others are as a result of puberty. These two causes are different and thus, advocating for one laser, or use of lasers only is likely to offer no long-lasting solution.

The practitioners in this field are addressing the root aggravating factors. This is possible to happen more and often until a time in the future where stretch mark removal will be a process combining various methods. The treatment process will also become more affordable and less invasive. In the past laser treatment was a reserve for the people with extra money to spare or those with critical conditions.

The rest of the other people were left to seek alternatives. With evolving technology and development of various kinds of lasers like the DYE-VL and the IDIXEL Lasers, the treatments are becoming less invasive and cost-effective every day. Even the options that seemed cheap in the past have become expensive too. For example, some creams are more expensive than lasers if the aggregate costs associated with their use are put into consideration.


The increased use of technology in the stretch mark laser removal is making the process more specialized than ever. This is because an ordinary session using more than three different types of lasers in combination with other treatment methods. Some of those used together with these lasers include;

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy to speed up the healing process and boost the immunity level of the patient. Oxygen is inflated into the body under high-pressure conditions to increase fresh blood circulation.
  • Collagen induction therapy whereby collagen is injected into the body to boost the natural tightening and production of the mesh. It is required to maintain the elasticity of the skin
  • Physiological regulating medicine to detoxify the body and return it to the normal functioning conditions. The body of a person is made uniquely and can maintain itself if no external toxins are present.

Thus, there is a significant probability that laser stretch mark removal will become more popular in the future though it will part of the process.

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