The Benefits of HGH Injections in People Over 50 Years

fwefwrfqwThe human growth hormone (HGH) is vital for the development of human beings from childhood to adulthood. It’s also essential for the regeneration of cells, and the sustenance of healthy human tissue, especially that of the brain and assorted vital organs. Be that as it may, as we grow old, the production of this hormone declines. This leaves most of us physically weaker and prone to the effects of aging like falling ill more often and reduced cognitive function. The human growth hormone has been under study for over a century now. An artificial HGH was formulated in the 1980s and sanctioned by the FDA for human use in particular cases. This artificial HGH has proven to be not only beneficial but also essential for those over 50-years-old. Here’s why.

Better Muscle Strength and Exercise Training

As we all know, aging has adverse effects on our bodies, especially physical weakness. Aging diminishes the mineral density in our bones and reduces our muscle strength. This makes us physically weak and means that our work out sessions won’t be as effective as they ought to be because we won’t be strong enough to exercise as we should. Research has determined that the culprit behind this loss in muscle strength and physical weakness is the reduction in the production of HGH. Tavares, et al., did a research in 2013 where various individuals over 50 years old were administered with HGH for a period of 6 months. They discovered that these individuals improved in terms of physical strength and stamina compared to other individuals of the same age who were not administered with the hormone. The study published at concluded that HGH is essential for those in their old age in increasing their muscle strength, which then significantly enables them to exercise better and more effectively.


Enhanced Cognitive Functionality

The human brain relies considerably on oxygen to function efficiently and effectively. The blood is the main agent that transports oxygen throughout the body. This means that the circulatory system is essential for the functionality of the brain. The more fresh blood the brain receives, the more oxygen it receives and the better it’ll function. Old age, as indicated earlier, make us physically weaker, which means we won’t be as active as we should be to encourage more blood circulation throughout the body. This in a way affects the functionality of the brain; hence, adversely influencing cognitive functionality. A reduction in the growth hormone is what significantly impacts the functionality of the circulatory system because of the physical weakness. This means that an increase in HGH makes the body stronger, which enables old people to be more active and engage in activities that improve their circulatory system. A healthier circulatory system enhances the functionality of the brain, which boosts cognitive functionality (Tavares, et al., 2013).

Weight Loss

Tavares and his team, during their study in 2013, discovered that there was a significant decrease of body fat on older men who were administered with the human growth hormone. They also realized that there was a significant increase in the lean body mass of the same group. And this occurred mostly naturally, without the individuals engaging in any exercise. So the human growth hormone alone is able to enable the body to burn more calories. This means that a deficiency in the hormone causes the body to store more unnecessary body fat, which leads to weight gain. Furthermore, more weight loss can be experienced because an increase in the human growth hormone in individuals over 50 years will enable them to exercise better, which means they will be in a better position of having and maintaining a more physically fit body.


Diminished Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

If you have read the previous points, it makes sense that individuals over 50 years who have been administered with the human growth hormone will have a less chance of experiencing cardiovascular complications. According to the team, most cardiovascular ailments revolve around an increase in body fat, or a sedentary lifestyle, which again leads to an increase in body fat and a poor circulatory system. Moreover, individuals over 50 years old will naturally have a physically weaker body due to the effects of aging (Tavares, et al., 2013). Therefore, it makes sense that a boost in HGH will enable such persons to have a more active lifestyle, exercise better, and be in a position where they can take better care of their bodies. This will lead to a better circulatory system and less (if any) cardiovascular complications.

Evidently, the discovery of the impact of the human growth hormone on the development and functionality of the body was revolutionary. You can see that this hormone is fundamental, particularly to older people, in enhancing their productivity and functionality in society. Perhaps the secret to eternal youth lies somewhere within this hormone or it’ll lead us to a path that will take us there. As for now, the human growth hormone remains an essential hormone for human development and functionality.

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