The Art of Layering Skin Care Products

The Skin Care Process

Seasoned travelers will be familiar with the old adage, “It’s not the destination, but the journey.” Although its usage has been largely limited to those who explore the world, this philosophical saying can actually be used in almost all aspects of life. An excellent point comes to mind in the form of skin care. There is no doubt that the ultimate objective of each woman is to achieve radiant, glowing skin. Standing in the way of this achievement are obstacles such as environmental factors, unhealthy diets, and adverse skin conditions.Skincare -Image 1

Skin care products are most suited to help reduce and eliminate the presence of these detrimental factors. However, the process or journey of applying these skin care products fundamentally shapes the final outcome. The attainment of youthful looking skin rests upon the perfect concoction of skin care products. Without an effective guideline to abide by, the benefits of each product can be rendered ineffective and provide no improvements to the skin.

Step-By-Step Guide

The consequences of ill-advised skin care routine can be witnessed all around social media, with users constantly bemoaning the lack of visible results even after strict discipline to adhere to the instructions provided. These individuals fail to grasp the concept that each skin care product is specially formulated for specific purposes and when applied in different orders, the results can vary drastically. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a strong understanding towards the layering of these products in order to fully experience its miraculous effects.

1. Cleanse first, damage reversed

This might come as a no-brainer to some people, but its underlying importance means that it must be drilled into every women’s mind. Instead of habitually slathering water all over the face, an effective cleansing ritual is highly recommended at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. As one study accurately points out, newer cleansers have evolved from their primary function as a cleaning agent to help remove dirt, microorganisms, and dead skin cells. They are now equipped with mild elements to offer moisturizing effects and are also compatible with other treatment solutions.

2. Exfoliate for in-depth wellness

After an effective cleansing ritual to remove all external impurities, the next essential step is to exfoliate. Armed with a good exfoliator, it helps to eradicate all forms of impurities that are deeply embedded in the pores. By purging these impurities and unclogging the pores, it helps to promote skin cell repair and renewal. Moreover, exfoliators are now formulated with antioxidants to provide vital nutrients to the skin at the same time.

3. All round defense, Toner and Serum

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Not every skin type needs to enlist the help of toners but its benefits cater to everyone. Facial toner functions by tightening pores after exfoliation. It offers long-term benefits such as fewer acne breakouts and fewer wrinkle formation. Lastly, facial toner regulates the skin pH balance, ensuring less natural oil and prevent skin infections. These advantages help to promote a smooth and radiant appearance.

4. Spot on treatment, faster healing

With all the fundamentals taken care of, it is time to drill down to targeted areas. For instance, the area around the eyes is one of the most prone to skin issues. It is literally ground zero for crow’s feet, dark circles, and puffiness. At this stage of the routine, it is the best time to apply some eye cream to tackle the issues. With a cleaner skin foundation, it is more receptive to the application of treatments and enhances the effectiveness of these skin care products.

5. Revitalize? Moisturize!

After a night of peaceful sleep, moisturizers help to give the skin a much-needed boost, prepping it for the long day ahead. Not only does it enhance the skin’s appearance, it also offers vital nutrients that are beneficial for the skin to stay radiant throughout the day. On the other hand, moisturizers are as important at night. This is the period where the skin starts its reparative works and moisturizing helps to kick start this process. Additionally, when moisturizers are left on the face throughout the night, the skin is able to fully absorb all the nutrients that it offers. In turn, these added vitamins and minerals act as fuel for the skin’s natural repair system and boosts its capabilities, helping treat any skin condition within a shorter period of time or promoting better skin appearances overnight.

6. Protect with SPF

To end off the morning skin care ritual, use some sunscreen for face before putting on makeup. A sunscreen product that advertises high SPF value, broad spectrum function and water resistant capability is strongly recommended by dermatologists. It offers round-the-clock protection to the skin and wards off any harmful elements that are commonly associated with UV rays. Interestingly, when sunscreens are applied after moisturizers, they possess a hidden agenda of helping to retain the nutrients and vitamins that the moisturizer has to offer. With less beneficial elements loss as a result of environmental factors, the skin is able to gain from the added assistance.


As shown above, to be equipped with an arsenal of skin care product is only a precursor to achieving youthful and radiant skin. The main criterion towards this objective is to understand how each product works and the benefits that it offers. By thoroughly analyzing the underlying mechanisms of each product, it becomes easier to identify which products should be used first and which treatment methods should be applied later. It is only through a full comprehension of these skin care principles can an individual truly experience the miraculous results levied on the skin.



  1. Skin care is very important to keep skin healthy. Natural remedies are always preferred but along with with that one must use the proper skin care product according to the skin type. Collagen production in our body starts decreasing in the body as the age increases.

  2. Today lots of people are not interested in using the natural skin remedies. But the natural skin remedies is very useful to our body.

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