Synthetic Wigs vs. Real Hair Wigs

beautiful-girl-with-wigsWashing, brushing, detangling, blow-drying, curling, cutting, straightening - we tend to spend a lot of time and energy on our hair. That doesn't mean that we are all overly obsessed with our physical appearance. It is simply a reflection of the fact that beautiful, well-maintained hair makes us feel more self-confident, more able to deal with whatever the day chooses to throw at us. Perhaps a perfectly coiffed hairdo won't make that meeting with your boss go away, but it will certainly help you hold your head up high no matter what happens. That's why special care should be taken when selecting a wig.

People choose to wear wigs for a number of reasons including hair loss due to health conditions and simple aesthetics. There is quite an intimidating selection of wig types, styles, and colors available which can make choosing the perfect one a tad complicated. But the very first question you need to ask yourself when purchasing a wig is whether you prefer real hair or synthetic hair. Let's consider the differences.

Synthetic Wigs

When people hear the term "synthetic" they often visualize a tacky hot pink wig similar to what you may have donned last Halloween. However, advancements in wig making have resulted in synthetic wigs that come in virtually every shade and style and look remarkably natural.

The primary benefits of choosing a synthetic wig are the price and relatively low maintenance involved. It is very possible to find a good quality synthetic wig for just a few hundred dollars. If you are wearing the wig on a daily basis, it will generally last between three to six months with proper care. Synthetic wigs come "pre-styled" which means that you should be absolutely certain that you are happy with the style of a particular wig before committing to a purchase. Synthetic wigs can be cut (using special shears) but you will be very limited in other styling options. Most synthetic wigs do not tolerate heat from styling tools well.

Real Hair Wigs

Wigs made from real human hair on the other hand are quite versatile. They can be colored and styled just like natural hair. Some people prefer them over synthetic wigs because they think others are less likely to notice they are wearing a wig. There is also value in being able to reach up and feel the smooth, lively texture of real hair.

However, real hair wigs require quite a bit of daily maintenance and even with meticulous care they may prove less durable than synthetic wigs. Another factor to consider is the price. Most real hair wigs will set you back a couple thousand dollars.


Some Questions to Ask Yourself

Based on the characteristics of synthetic and real hair wigs, you should ask yourself a few questions before committing to a type.

  • Would you enjoy spending time styling and maintaining your wig every day or do you want to just put it on and go?
  • Would you be content wearing a single style and color for several months or do you like to change your look often?
  • Is it very important to you that others not notice you are wearing a wig or do you not mind either way?
  • Do you have lots of money to spend on a wig or are you working with a small budget?

In the end, it often boils down to choosing a wig that suits your lifestyle. If you are on a budget and don't have copious amounts of time to spend styling a wig every day, then synthetic would probably be a good choice. If money isn't an option and natural look, texture, and versatility are important to you, then a real hair wig would be a better fit. There are no bad choices as long as you feel beautiful and confident in your wig.

Written by Jan Miller. Jan specializes in making sure customers are paired with their perfect wig.

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