Secrets for a Wrinkle-Free Skin When Living in New York

Do you live in the city of dreams – New York – and have skin that looks older than you feel? If yes then seeking ways and tips to reduce wrinkles would be on your agenda because wrinkles on the face not only make you look aged but can also have an impact on your overall professional personality.

From litter to sun exposure even your age, there can be several causes of wrinkles on face. Basically, wrinkles on face and fine lines are triggered when collagen (the top layer of the skin) thins out and loses its wetness and elasticity. After that, it tends to dag or start having wrinkles. It is also said by medical professionals that when we are aged, our skin starts to lose collagen fibers which causes flabby and lined skin.

But if you slow down the process of losing elasticity of the skin via natural home remedies and other ways, you can get a smooth, glowing, wrinkle-free and young skin. There are countless things that you can make use of or apply to have flawless and beautiful skin. You can start taking care of your skin by making some healthy changes in your lifestyle or can consult with your dermatologist to feed your body with exactly what it needs to make your skin smooth and flawless.

Here are some proven tips for a wrinkle-free skin that can make your skin shiny and healthy as well.

Skip the Straw

Undoubtedly, using a straw sounds like a great habit to look more decent when drinking your favorite cocktail with your friends in the New York, but you may feel wrinkles around the facial skin while drinking with a straw. Sipping the cocktail with a straw also emphasizes facial muscles where fine lines can occur in near future when you will get age. So, skip the straw in order to prevent wrinkles and fine lines occur on your face.

Botox for Wrinkles

As a New York occupied, nothing can be better than Botox for you to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines on the face quickly. The treatment involves the use of botulinum toxin for fixing age and hyperactivity related rhytids. It can be the best cure to address sensitive areas around the eye, smile lines and facial wrinkles Etc.

Avoid the Sun

Sun exposure can be one of the major reasons for wrinkles on the skin in New York City. According to the dermatologists, the ultraviolet rays directly coming from sun will certainly harm your epidermis and lead towards skin with wrinkles. So, you shouldn’t go outside under the sun until you are wearing sunscreen or sunglasses.

Use Moisturizer

Moisturizers are one of the anti-aging products that can help you prevent wrinkles on skin. As humid skin always looks better and is healthy as well, you should choose a suitable moisturizer according to the type of your skin. You can also consult with a local dermatologist to ask for an apt moisturizer to buy.

Lemon and Orange Juice

Since vitamin C is known as number one wrinkle-fighter, apply lemon juice on your skin often to feed your skin with necessary and healthy vitamin C to maintain its glow and health. You can apply lemon juice on your skin as DIY home treatment to prevent expensive skin treatments. Placing the slices of lemon on wrinkle-prone areas for 10 minutes can also help you prevent wrinkles and fine lines. You should also massage the lemon juice at the end to get better outcomes. Healthy acids in the lemons will not only lighten your skin and reduce the fine lines, but vitamin C will also boost the process of collagen production.

Learn to Manage Stress

Stress is something very harmful that can make you aged even ahead of time. It is approved by studies that people who often stressed out when living a busy life in New York, are more likely to experience early skin aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots etc. And effective stress management is the ultimate solution to get rid of wrinkles on face caused by stress. You can manage stress conveniently by making some healthy lifestyle changes such as going for a walk in the morning, doing some healthy yoga poses, mindful breathing at natural places and meditation etc.

Get Enough Sleep

Believe or not, women who sleep less than 8 hours in the night are more likely to experience wrinkles on the face. Healthy sleeping is most important for healthy skin as your skin repairs automatically and process of collagen production is also boosted at night when you are sleeping. And when you don’t get quality sleep for almost 8 hours, your body produces excess cortisol, an injurious hormone for skin that breaks down skin cells and can cause more wrinkles on the face.

Stop Smoking

Smoking can be a common habit when spending time with friends in bars of New York. But, keep in mind that smoke of the cigarette ages your skin and tend to get more wrinkles. It can harm your skin by releasing an enzyme that breaks down collagen and elastin (two important components of the healthy skin) that can cause fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots as well. So, stop smoking if you really want a healthy, glowing and flawless skin.

If you have any questions, please ask below!