Remove Skin Tags Naturally

sensual-womenSkin tags usually come as a surprise. They seem to appear out of nowhere on vulnerable parts of the body such as the neck or underarm where they go unnoticed until a pinched or become uncomfortable beneath clothing. Those on the eyelid are more noticeable, and also at times for various reasons uncomfortable. Several ways exist to rid the skin of these tags. Those experiencing troublesome skin tags can visit a doctor, or using natural methods.

What are Skin Tags?

The skin tag looks like a small pinched, flap or piece of skin that's either funnel shaped or flat. Simply touching this piece of hanging skin doesn't cause pain, but if it is rubs against clothing the area will become uncomfortable. Technically, these tags are very small tumors, but these are always benign meaning they are non-cancerous, and harmless. Skin tags are nothing more than a core of fibers, nerve and fat cells all covered with a thick layer of skin.

Who Can Get Skin Tags?

Anyone at any age can develop a skin tag, but it is more common for people who are older than thirty years of age, and who are overweight. Developing skin tags is a matter of heredity, so while it's more common in people who are overweight if an individual's mother or father developed tags, chances are so will this person no matter their physical condition.

What Causes Skin Tags

Research indicates that skin tags are caused by skin rubbing against skin, which is why the tags show up in places where there are folds of skin such as around the eyes. A collection of collagen and blood vessels become trapped inside thicker pieces and form a skin tag.

Don't Cut the Tags!

It's tempting to grab a pair of cuticle scissors and cut the tag off since it’s small, but this is not a safe method of removing them. The tag has trapped blood vessels, so cutting them is painful, bloody, and could lead to infection. The risk of having a scar much worse than the tag it is very high.

Natural versus Medical Removal

Many people choose to use natural removal of skin tags for a number of reasons. First, removing skin tags naturally is done at home, instead of at a doctor's office so more privacy is possible. Second, insurance companies do not usually cover skin tag removal procedures. This type of medical treatment is viewed as cosmetic since the tags are harmless. For someone seeing a number of skin tags removal by a clinic or doctor as a cosmetic treatment is pricey.

Seeing a doctor is recommended if the skin tag is very painful, large, or has an unusual appearance. At times, it is necessary to have a collection of skin and blood vessels that collects in an area removed and biopsied to make sure this is in fact just a skin tag, and not another type of more serious skin problem.

If a skin tag continues to grow, looks atypical of other skin tags, or causes significant pain when touched, or has a discharge seeing a doctor is advised.

Benefits of Natural Treatment

Not only does treating the skin tag at home naturally allow for privacy, and less cost most such treatments are painless. There's no cutting or harsh methods of removal used, so while such treatment takes more time to remove the tag, there's less scarring of the area involved.

Truly natural methods won't contain harsh chemicals, but use natural ingredients. Since there's nothing in these products to harm the surrounding skin using these is typical safer than chemicals that contain acids. For most with skin tags, using natural, organic products is safer for appearance and health of the skin.

Ingredients in Natural Products

When skin tags are a problem the idea is to gently reduce the tag using ingredients that won't cause irritation of the surrounding skin. Since the tags are related to irritation or rubbing, protecting the surrounding skin lowers the risk of creating new skin tags.

There are skin tag removal products that use ingredients which include natural oils. These oils such as Altenifolia Leaf Oil, and Cedar Leaf oil help to lessen the appearance of skin tags, and gradually remove the tag entirely.

Cedar Leaf oil is an essential oil that's derived from foliage especially the wood and roots of conifers, pin, or cypress. It has anti-fungal properties, helps to dry the skin, and has a pleasant aroma that's not medicinal. Alternifolia Leaf Oil like Tea Tree oil is well known for its medicinal properties, and has been used for generations for problem skin. One important ingredient in natural skin tag removal products is Ricinus Communis Seed oil, which has long been used for wart and skin tag removal. Ingredients like these works gently, and cause no pain. The tag gradually reduces leaving no scar.

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