Pros and Cons of Temporary and Permanent Lip Plumpers

Lip-PlumperLip plumpers are latest cosmetic products to enhance the look of your lips. They also work to encourage the smoothness of your lips thereby make them sexy and kissable.

There are many women who love to have the reddish pout similar to Angelina Jolie. However, most of you end up getting the only the reddish look rather than the fuller pout. Aging deprives the natural collagen amount from the lips. This affects the loss of moisture capturing capacity. It causes the lips to become dry thereby leave them chapped. Women tend to lick their lips to deal with the dryness however; they end up affecting their lip texture.

Smoking on the other hand causes the lips to appear blackened. All these lip issues can be treated using the lip plumpers. Here we’ll take a closer look to check out if the lip plumpers really do work or not.

Types of lip plumper products:

Not all are born with fuller and pouty lips; there are many products and procedures to plump the lips and get that sexier pout look. The temporary and permanent lip lumping solutions are two types of products that help to give you fuller pout. Let us now discuss briefly as to how these products work to give you fuller and kissable lips.

How do temporary lip plumpers work?

The temporary lip plumpers are available in form of gloss and lipstick. These are available at retail stores. You can buy them at affordable prices to get fully redder pout. They work to give you plumped lips by temporarily irritating your lips. They cause swelling of lips and you can feel slight tingling sensation after using this product for first time.

You need not to panic if you experience such feeling with initial usage. This indicates that the chemicals present in this product are actually working to provide you naturally fuller pout.

Usually these products contain chemicals like mint, cinnamon, caffeine and menthol to give you bigger pout.


  • These are inexpensive products that help to give you fuller lips
  • They provide you temporary pout with slight plumping effect


  • The ingredients can cause irritation to delicate skin of lips
  • Excessive use of these irritant can potentially damage the health of your lips
  • Some people having sensitive skin can be allergic to plumping chemicals like the menthol and cinnamon oil.

Are there permanent plumping solutions?

There are many permanent plumping solutions that provide you long term results. The fuller pout can last for few weeks due to permanent plumping effects. The lip augmentation will require you to inject the collagen or implant the silicone underneath the lip skin. The injections can be composed of different materials like fats, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Some of these materials last for few weeks while some other can have more permanent results. The implants involve of synthetic or natural implant best suited for your lips. These are more of invasive procedures which create an incision to insert the implant.
All these procedures have certain pros and cons; you can decide which one to opt for according to your feasibility.


  • It provides you long lasting results
  • You can choose from a variety of procedures to make your lips fuller


  • These are quite expensive procedures; cannot be afforded by most people
  • Being surgical method, most women fear these invasive techniques that provide you natural pout
  • Many people have allergic reactions and swelling caused from this procedures

There are many home remedies like applying cinnamon oil to your lips in order to get pouty lips. Not all people are comfortable using this home remedy. Some of them have sensitive skin which can cause severe pain and irritate the delicate lip skin. Applying the lip plumping product that contains natural ingredients is safer way to plump your lips. You can read more to know which of these products effective to provide you naturally plumped are and fuller pout.

The lip plumping products are flooded in the market that it can create confusion among women to choose the beast one. The temporary lips plumpers are fun to use. You get the results for fewer hours without irritating the lips. It gives you slightly fuller pout and is effective to provide you desired results. You can use these cosmetic procedures to get effective benefits without undertaking higher risks.

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