Permanent Makeup: Changing Lives

Morning routines for most women include applying some sort of hair or facial makeup. However, this can take so long and sometimes you could even make a mess. Sometimes, you end up leaving the house with no makeup because you are in a hurry. For some people, they cannot use makeup because they are allergic to the available products. Imagine a life where you do not have to keep buying makeup products or even have to depend on them. Permanent makeup is the solution you have been looking for. This is a rising trend which has been shown to be successful and is being used by hundreds of women all over the United Kingdom. It is most popular with celebrities who use it to maintain their images.

What is permanent makeup?

As impressive as permanent makeup is, it is a very complex process that cannot be done in the comfort of your bedroom. It involves the application of pigments extracted from vegetable dyes into the skin in order to achieve the desired color. It is mainly done on a person’s lips, eyes and eyebrows. Most people confuse it for tattooing which also employs the use of pigments on the skin. However, unlike tattoos, the pigments used in permanent make up wear of over a certain period of time, mostly two to three years. The pigments are selected according to a person’s skin tone to avoid any exaggerations. The goal is to give you a natural look. This kind of makeup can be used by women of all ages, so if you are 18 years old or if you are over 50, you can get it done.

How is permanent makeup done?

Permanent makeup is a highly complex procedure and if it is done wrongly, it could have dire consequences. There are clinics all over the United Kingdom where you can get this procedure done. The staff should be experts with at least 5 years of experience in this line of cosmetics. Since this procedure is done on different parts of your face, let’s take a look at how the procedure is done on each.

  • Eyes – eyeliners do the trick but it takes a lot of time to get the perfect outline of your eyes. Instead, permanent makeup specialists use last enhancement. This involves applying pigments in between the eyelashes. The pigments are thicker on the outer line and thinner as you proceed inwards. A very small amount is applied on the bottom lashes just to bring balance to the whole look.
  • Eyebrows – specialists apply the micro-stroke technique whereby they needle individual hairs to bring out a natural, fuller shape.
  • Lips – most women lose the pigment around their lips over time which makes them look slightly chirped. Specialists will apply a new pigment on your lips giving your lips a slightly darker shade. Healing will take about two weeks and the swelling will begin to go down.

How has permanent makeup helped to change lives?

Hair Growth

Some women are born with conditions and diseases such as alopecia that may affect their hair growth. Some have constant hair loss, others have little strands of hair while others have no hair at all. Despite all this, these women have the right to look beautiful and feel appreciated. This is where permanent makeup comes in. This technique uses naturally extracted pigments to create an illusion of fuller, more natural hair. The women who have used alopecia eyebrows treatment said it defined their faces and made them more beautiful. Since it is long lasting, it helps these women live their lives in confidence. Due to this, this technique has gained popularity all over the world.


Burn victims have undesirable skin on some parts of their bodies because of what they have been through. Most of them do not socialize as they fear everyone else will look down on them or even pity them. Using corrective shading techniques, they can live normal lives just like everyone else. It is done according to the person’s skin tone so that the makeup looks as natural as it can. It will not heal the wounds but it can give the victim a new lease in life.


Most cancer survivors would have gone through chemotherapy treatment which can produce unwanted side effects. Hair loss is one of the side effects. People suffering from such side effect can restore the image of their eyebrows or hair with the help of permanent makeup technician. It will certainly lift their self-esteem and boost their confidence. We live in great times where affordable permanent makeup can so easily change your life for better.


Allergies can be annoying especially if they hinder someone from exploring their full potentials. People who are allergic to most makeup products cannot enhance their beauty to everyone which can affect them psychologically and even lower their self-esteem. Permanent makeup employs the use of natural pigments which have been proven to be perfect for all kinds of skin. Even if you have a facial condition like acne, permanent makeup is applicable.

Permanent makeup looks very natural. However, do not try to do it yourself lest you will be ruining your natural look which may require an actual surgery to fix it. There a lot of permanent makeup artists who can recommend the kind of technique that is most suitable for you. Good luck exploring!

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