Other Place You Should Start Putting Your Eye Cream on

shutterstock_40581532Eye creams are made to minimize dark circles, bags and puffiness that appear on the thin, fragile skin under your eyes. The way that some of these creams reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, is by puffing up the skin temporarily, so the blood vessels just below the skin's surface will not be as visible.

In addition, people use eye cream to moisturize that area around their eyes, because it can tend to be dry. Eye creams are usually made with ingredients that are formulated to specifically hydrate the skin, to help make it feel smoother, and to make your overall appearance look younger. For individuals with oily skin, an eye gel may be a preferred option, because the gel will not contain moisturizing ingredients that will increase oil production in your skin.

Collagen is another common ingredient found in many eye creams, and this is a major protein that is found in the fibers of cartilage, bone and connective tissue. It helps to keep skin strong, and to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.
As you walk down the beauty aisle of your local store, there are at least a dozen different types of creams for each and every part of your body (neck, hands, legs, feet and face), but it seems that eye cream is a multi-tasker. Below are some suggestions of other places on your body that you can use eye cream.

1. Smooth the lines that appear between your eyebrows. After you have applied some eye cream under your eye (its intended use), use a little on that space between your eyebrows, to smooth out potential lines that make you look angry.

2. Soften your hands and cuticles, because your hands will reveal your age faster than any lines of your face. Eye creams usually have extra hydrating properties, which make it perfect to use on your cuticles that may be dry. Designated hand creams are often times very greasy, but the wrinkle fighting ingredients that are found in eye creams, are the perfect option, to reduce fine lines that appear on the hands. An eye cream can give your hands a brighter and younger appearance.

3. Hydrate lips. Eye cream will work quicker and more efficiently, than a waxy product that is marketed for lips. A small amount of eye cream, added to your lips, will infuse a time-released hydration, and you can say "good bye" to imperfect lips. According to Dr. Matt Leavitt, a dermatologist, when eye cream is applied to your lips, you have an effective weapon in battling early signs of aging. In addition, using eye cream will limit premature wrinkles, because some ingredients are made to increase collagen production. As an added bonus, when you dab some eye cream on your lips as a primer, lip color will last longer and look fresher, as it will not seep into the cracks of your lips.

4. Helps to adjust the texture of your current concealer. Simply mix a little bit of eye cream with your cream concealer, to make a final product that is smoother and creamier than the original. This little trick can also prolong wear, which is an added bonus in the warm weather months.

5. Help to create an overall glowing complexion. If you find that your current foundation product is not making you look as radiant, as you should and could be. If your skin needs a boost, apply a thin layer of eye cream on your skin after you apply a foundation, concealer or face powder. This simple, yet effective beauty tip will give your skin an instant healthy glow, without any annoying shine. In addition, it will also moisturize your face in places that it is most needed. Simply place a little dab of eye cream high in the center of your forehead, and at the highest point of your cheek bones, as well as a little on your chin.

Perhaps, you are thinking that you are being scammed, and that eye cream is the same as facial moisturizers. This is not necessarily true. According to Patricia Farris, a dermatologist and clinical professor at Tulane University School of Medicine, eye creams are specially formulated to be thicker in nature, to treat the thin skin around the eyes. In general, eye creams also contain more oils than traditional facial creams. Due to the fact that the skin surrounding the eyes is thinner and more fragile, it is more prone to dryness, which means that signs of fatigue and age show more quickly. Sun damage, squinting and the constant movement of the eyes, also aid in hastening the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. Under-eye Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, are often due to water retention, and specialized eye creams are designed to address these specific issues.


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