Non-surgical Cosmetic Treatments to Regain the Lost Glow of Youth

Ageing skin in sharp contrast to young skin will demand an excessive degree of care and this can be very difficult at times. While young skin will remain soft and glowing effortlessly, keeping the ageing skin beautiful often requires the magic touch of cosmetic art. As you go up the ladder of advancing age, your skin will assume loose texture due to loss of subcutaneous fat. Ageing skin may also contract owing to the loss of innate moisture in the dermal layer. This will result in gradual shrivelling.

The process also has a massive psychological impact. The more your skin shrivels and loses glamour, the more will your mind drift into depression. It is heartbreaking already not being able to count yourself among the bright and happening youngsters anymore. On top of that the wellbeing of your skin is going to get impossibly demanding. But, the big question is, does it have to be this tough and this depressing? Isn't there a way to reduce skin related issues conveniently? The answer is yes. The next question that arises, following this thread of skin care analysis is, how? Let us begin by rehashing the age old dictums about skin care for all ages through lifestyle refinement, because without paying enough attention to these skin rejuvenating regimens, you cannot achieve much. Only when you are seriously committed to these lifestyle modifications, can you expect results from clinical treatments.

Basic Skin Care Routine and Cosmetic Treatment

Start out with special focus on your everyday habits. The healthy lifestyle factor plays a big role in controlling the inevitable marks of age from appearing on the surface. Follow the basic, no-frills-attached three steps skin care routine involving—

  • Cleansing, toning, moisturizing.
  • Cut down on oily intake.
  • Eat right in the right proportions.
  • Follow a daily exercise routine.
  • Quit smoking and excessive alcoholism.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure as much as possible.
  • Stay hydrated with enough intake of water.
  • Avoid stress or formulate a way to deal effectively with burgeoning stress.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Turn away from excessive over washing, especially of the facial skin.

Besides making some serious lifestyle modifications to suit the conditions of your age, you can always find help at the top notch cosmetic clinics in London. The London-based cosmetic treatment centres are now fully equipped with the latest technological gears for fixing the upper dermal layer. After crossing an age, you are bound to have a hard time retaining the purity of skin. The blemish-free, glowing skin of the youthful days will fade and the skin will start showing innumerable lines and folds as thorough wrinkling becomes a regular phenomenon. To help you battle it out with the ever so impending clutches of time, top cosmetic experts have resorted to 100% hazard free non-surgical wrinkle treatments, involving the injection of bio chemicals like Botulinum Toxin etc.

Utilizing Useful Bacteria to Undo the Effects of Ageing

Botulinum Toxin holds a bevy of useful bacteria for its potency. These bacteria are widely found in marine sediments and soil. Its spores are also found ubiquitously in fruits, vegetables and sea proteins. This neuro-toxin is presently used most commonly to get rid of hyperfuntional lines or age lines. Age lines striped across the forehead, along the mouth and in the neck make one look distressed and fatigued.

Age lines distort one's natural facial expression. Plastic surgeons over the years have developed various surgical wrinkle reduction treatments. But increasingly, research has shown an aversion to surgical techniques in most people. The good news for those who feel negative about skin surgery is that botulinum toxin injections can successfully de-condense the concentration of age lines.

Surgical procedures often have to put a lot at stake. There have been reports of fatal surgical treatments too. Botulinum Toxin injections in sharp contrast, put far less at risk, with very minimal morbidity. The most suitable areas in the face and in the neck for the injection are—the Glabella, the Periorbital region with Crow's Feet and the Forehead Region.

Visit the top notch London-based clinics to receive Botulinum Toxin injections from masterful hands. This is the most favourable way in the current field of clinical treatments to regain your lost glow.

Chemical Peel Treatment to Shed Off Dead Cells

The more vulnerable at heart will now be glad to know that there are ways more than one to recoup the lost glow of the youthful days without having to go under the knife. Top clinics in London and Croydon are now setting up outfits to provide expert chemical peel treatment.

This cure involves sloughing off of the upper dermal layer by the application of catalyzing chemicals. This direct application of chemicals on the skin is not done hazardously. Practised cosmetic healers in the top London clinics mix the chemical with moisturizing creams to ensure effective rejuvenation of the skin on hands, neck and face. After the dead skin cells of the top layer have peeled away, the soft and radiant under-skin comes to the surface, restoring youthfulness in your appearance once again!

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