No more stress and tension with Epitalon?

The process of aging is unavoidable. Looking in the mirror and realizing that your recent bout of stress has taken its toll tends to increase your level of anxiety. By default, this has the effect of speeding up the aging process and can also trigger a variety of other undesirable outcomes. In the meantime, what if I told you that all of this stress, tension, and aging could be eliminated? Epitalon peptides can lessen these effects. In addition, one of the studies you’ll read about below shows that it can also extend life.

What Is The Function Of Epitalon?

Epitalon is a tetrapeptide to begin with. As a result, it falls under oligopeptides, which have four amino acids. More than a few studies, mostly in animals, have shown that it can help relieve stress and tension. A peptide with anti-aging properties is also a bonus feature. At the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, Epitalon was developed as a star-peptide. The institute identified it as an active ingredient of the bovine pineal gland. It is known as epithalamin in this case.

The telomerase activator epitalon has been shown to work really well. For those who don’t know, telomerase is a ribonucleoprotein. This protein ensures that the DNA contains the correct species-specific sequence. When it comes to aging, what role do telomeres play? Everything is covered. The ends of each DNA strand have caps, and these are those caps. In order to keep your chromosomes safe, these have been created because the DNA can break down and stop working properly if one does not have them.

An investigation of Epitalon

Epitalon has been studied for a long time now for its various capabilities. To debunk the Epitalon hoax rumors, before you buy peptides of this type, we present to you various clinical trials and studies conducted to prove that Epitalon peptide is, indeed, not a hoax and has a lot of beneficial properties.


In terms of aging, “aging gracefully” comes to mind. Wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin are signs of aging, but this isn’t always the case. Epitalon peptide comes in handy in this situation. For five consecutive days every month, researchers gave 0.1mcg to each of 108 female outbred mice in one study. Since they were three months old, this was done regularly. Several other female mice were given 0.1ml of saline as a comparison.

The researchers concluded that the peptide did not affect the eating habits or weight of the mice that received it. Despite this, they noticed a slowdown in the age-related cessation of ovulation. To put it another way, the mice could reproduce for a longer period than usual. Bone marrow cells also showed a decrease in the number of chromosome abbreviations, which means that the number did not change significantly. Only ten percent of the mice survived, but even then, the biggest differences could be seen in the remaining 90 percent. There was a 13.3 percent increase in the lifespan of these mice.

Relieving Tension and Stress

Stress and tension have a significant scope when it comes to how they affect someone. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to control and alleviate the stress and tension that comes with them?

Studies on Epitalon’s ability to alleviate stress were soon underway. Mice eight to ten weeks old were used in one of these studies and were housed in a standard environment. After that, the mice were subjected to two distinct types of stress. In this case, the mice were placed in a container that rotated at 78 revolutions per minute, causing rotation stress. This took about an hour to complete. The second type of stress is a combination of two or more stress factors. Two hours of cooling to 4 to 5 degrees Celsius was required for this stress. Immobilization for the next eighteen hours had been set at eighteen hours. The peptide had been shown to protect against stress by the end of the research.

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