Most Common Nail Care Disasters And Their DIY Solutions

nail-careSurprisingly, nail care at times become the most common causes of fungal and bacterial infections. If you do it at home, it’s fine, but if you often visit nail care salons-molds, bacteria and viruses are more likely to come into contact with instruments and can turn your manicure into a nightmare. If you have any cut or abrasion already on your fingers, this may bring a disaster on your nails.

Discolored nails, dry cuticles, fungal infections, nail polish bubbles are some of the nail disasters that could be easily avoided. Some of the nail care problems that you face with their solutions are listed here:

1. Clipping Nails
If your nails breakdown easily whenever you try and experiment on it, don’t worry, you are not alone. Many women feel the brunt of breaking nails whenever they manicure. This problem is often caused by dry nails.

Solution: Avoid nail polish that dries quickly as they make your nails dry and cause them to break easily. You can always try a nail strengthener to keep your nails healthy. Moreover, for more natural approach, you can always try applying tea tree essential oil to your nails.

2. Easily Picking Up Fungal Or Bacterial Infections
As compared to others, some women are more prone to picking up infections from nail care salons and sometimes even at home. Chipped nail or a slight cut may lead to some serious infections.

Solution: While going for any nail therapy, wash your hands thoroughly with an anti fungal soap to avoid any infection. But in case you’ve already got an infection, keep it dry and whenever there is a need to wash your hands, wash it with soap with anti-fungal ingredients. Whenever you go to any nail care salon, take your own sterilized manicure instruments. Avoid going for manicures, if there’s already a cut or infection on your fingers.

3. Discolored Nails
It’s quite common among women to be left with slight yellow or green tinge to your nails after removing nail polish, especially if you are fond of using bright colored nail polish. This doesn’t look that good however.

Solution: Try and use a base coat to create a barrier between your nails and the nail color. This will not affect your nails as much and would be easy to remove them.

4. Dry Cuticles
This is something that make your hands look messy and unclean, no matter how many times you clean them. Home manicures are a bit of nightmares for this particular problem and cutting your cuticles is not a solution.

Solution: Try and apply coconut oil to your cuticles in order to keep them moisturized. Moreover, you could always go for cuticle oil to keep your nails in top condition.

5. Rough Nail Ends
Jagged nail edges look messy and dirty, they even hurt if you get a scratch on the skin. Daily household works lead to chipped, jagged and rough nails. However, filing the nails incorrectly may also be one of the reasons, so avoid this habit of filing your nails incorrectly.

Solution: Stroke your nails in one direction rather than filing them going back and forth. This is a wrong nail filing technique as your nail care expert might not have warned you before.

6. Thick And Gloopy Nail Polish Look
This is a quite common nail disaster that you make. Nail polish tends to get thick, when you keep on reapplying. The problem is whenever we switch our nail color after removing one, we often use the other one quickly.

Solution: Spend in some thinner and add a few drops of it in your nail color to get it back to a better consistency. And always store your nail polish in a cool dry place, this helps it from thickening.

Whether at home or at salon, these disasters are quite common and repetitive, therefore following these tips will help you avoid these nail disasters.


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