Men - How to Look Better Instantly

man-with-sexy-smileIf you made a New Year’s resolution to get into better shape, by now you are probably seeing some results in terms of losing body fat, and feeling better and more energised. If you still have a long way to go though, it may also be that now is the time where the novelty is starting to wear off and you are starting to feel tempted by foods you are trying to limit, and the lure of staying at home on the internet or watching TV instead of heading out on a run or hitting the gym.

To help you stay motivated, it can give you a lift to do some things that will make you look fitter and slimmer instantly, while you wait for your ongoing hard work to really start to show. Here are some ideas to look better today, and stay driven towards your body goals:

Hair and Beard

Your haircut and the way you wear your facial hair can make a difference to how slim you look. Certain beard styles can slim the face and disguise a double chin, whereas others like a goatee can actually make them look more obvious. A haircut and facial hair shaping by a professional can give you a fresh new look that can give you a more chiseled look and make your face appear less full and rounded. If you are currently clean shaven and want to try having a beard, then obviously this is not something you can achieve today, but you can get a new haircut and can start growing facial hair ready to adopt a new bearded look in a few weeks.

Update Your Casual Look

If your ‘off duty’ look has always been pretty shapeless, with loose fitting jeans and baggy shirts dominating your wardrobe, then switching to more fitted styles will make you look fitter and slimmer right away. Wearing fitted polo shirts instead of boxy tees is a good option that flatters most men, and choosing well fitting jeans can also make you look slimmer and more stylish instantly. Perhaps leave the skinny jeans trend until after your diet has paid off however - or just leave them alone altogether!

Smart Tailoring

If you tend to wear a shirt and tie for work, consider switching to a full suit. This allows you to balance out your upper body with shoulder padding and also can slim the belly area, which is often not flattered by a button down shirt. If you are very large, a double breasted blazer style is the most slimming, but any kind of tailoring will look better, as long as the dimensions are right. Look out for retailers and clothing companies who specialise in big and tall men’s clothing so that you have a range of options in your size.

By updating your work and casual wardrobes and getting a haircut that slims your face, you can instantly look more like the fitter, slimmer person you are working to become!

If you have any questions, please ask below!