Makeover Tips to Prepare Yourself for Your Next Getaway

5 Fabulous Makeover Tips to Prepare Yourself for Your Next GetawayPreparing for your next getaway may be something you look forward to doing every single day. If you are like many women, you spend at least a few moments each week daydreaming about taking a weekend retreat to enjoy some fun and entertainment under the sun.

Get Prepared for Your Getaway

No matter where you choose to go, taking preparations to be physically ready and beautiful for when the time arrives will give you a new confidence and radiance for your trip. Following 5 makeover tips that can be done from home is an easy and affordable way to pamper, indulge and beautify yourself for your next vacation.

Get physical

Getting regular amounts of cardio workouts combined with rejuvenating sessions of yoga is the perfect way to get your body into shape for your next retreat. If you plan to look amazing in a bikini or in a summer dress, shedding extra pounds and toning your body can be accomplished by committing to get physically active a few times each week.

Create an All-natural Skin Scrub

Exfoliating the skin is a helpful way to rejuvenate the upper epidermis by removing dead skin cells. All-natural skin scrubs can be made from by combining natural sugar, lemon juice, sea salt and a small amount of coconut oil. This natural scrub may be used on the entire body to completely transform and replenish your skin!

Treat Skin Dark Spots

Treating dark spots on the skin is a great follow-up makeover treatment once you have started to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. By combining freshly-squeezed lemon juice with a little bit of water you can make your own dark spot remover. Simply dab a little bit of the liquid combination on your dark spots once in the morning and once in the evening to begin reducing the appearance of aging and dark spots on the face, neck and hands.

Makeover Your Hair

Don't leave your hair out of the makeover process. By mixing together coconut oil and mashed avocados, you can create a luxurious hair treatment to bring out the natural luster and a beautiful, healthy sheen to your hair.

Cucumber Treatments

Adding thin slices of cucumbers to your eyes will help to alleviate the appearance of bags under the eyes. Doing this treatment on a regular basis can bring out a natural, youthful beauty.

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