Lash Extensions: Tips You Need To Know

Lash extensions give you an instant glamorous appearance which is designed to add length and it can be compared to hair extensions. Individuals use it to improve their lashes and provide them thickness and fullness significantly. It is of two types: Temporary and Semi-permanent. But you cannot workout at steam rooms or hot yoga. If you pull, twist and excessively touch or brush the extensions it can damage your original eyelashes.

What are the most common types of lash extensions?
Eyelash extensions come in three different varieties including synthetic, mink and silk. These lashes are applied one at a time with the help of semi-permanent glue that doesn’t irritate the eye.
Below are the most commonly used eyelash extensions:
” Synthetic: It comes in every desired length and thickness. But it doesn’t last longer and need frequent fills. It should be well maintained otherwise it can lean to one side.

” Mink: It is a very light weight lash and it is long lasting. It looks natural and attractive and appears like feathers. But it is an expensive eyelash extension.

” Silk: These are soft and flexible and come in all length and curls. They don’t involve much effort to wear and can look natural as well as thick.

How long does it take to apply lash extensions?
It takes 90 to 150 minutes for applying a full set which is a quite long time. Touch up appointments can be of 30 minutes to 1 hour. The time it requires depends upon the number of lashes to be applied. It is a very tedious and a painstaking process. Lots of concentration and patience is required, it is not an easy process. With the help of set tweezers lash stylist separate the natural lashes unless they get a tiny lash. Then they pull that lash and with the help of another hand they apply one single lash extension to it.

What happens if glue gets in your eyes?
It is not certain that glue used in the eyelash extension enter the eyes. The eyes are closed all the time, but if you have the fear that it can irritate your eyes you should take some safety precautions. You should make sure that the glue is safe for the eyes and don’t cause any damage to them. It should not contain formaldehyde, which is a harmful element. When it takes a long time for shipping glues all around the world it sometimes leads to a formation of formaldehyde as long as they reach the salon.

Can you go blind?
A technician must be well trained to apply lashes so that it doesn’t harm you in any way. You cannot go bling even if you get a complicated allergic reaction. If your eyes get infected from the glue you just have to visit an eye specialist for getting eye drops to treat this allergic reaction.

What happens when you cry?
You should always take a safety step when eyelash extensions are applied. Sometime you may experience a burning sensation during the procedure, causing tears in your eyes or it can make you cry, then you should immediately tell your technician to change the glue.

How often do you need to get lash extensions redone?
Lash extensions lasts for six to eight weeks up to a full growth of natural eyelashes. It depends because the time varies in every person. You have to go through the process every three to four weeks to maintain full lashes.

Do lash extensions fall out over a certain period of time?
Eye lash extension fall out naturally as it is attached to a single eyelash and when the natural growth cycle of each lash take place it causes the lash extensions to fall off. As it is mentioned above that you need a touch up after every 3 to 4 weeks.

Can you shower or swim right away? Are there products you should absolutely avoid?
It is advised to avoid your lashes to come in contact with water for 12 to 24 hours after the application. Water can make the glue weak due to which that lashes can fall off. You should always remember not to apply a water proof mascara on the extensions because it is too hard to remove and can pull off the lashes before time when you try to remove it.

Is it okay to also wear mascara?
If you want to apply the mascara over the extensions apply it gently with a very light hand on its tips. Don’t use it at the base of the extensions.

Will your natural lashes get harmed or damaged?
If the lash extensions are applied correctly they are safe and don’t cause any harm. It is believed that lash extensions damage your natural eyelashes. Prevent rubbing your eyes or pulling of them, because by doing this you can lose your natural eyelashes.

What questions should you ask when searching for a reputable salon or professional?
You should check about the duration a technician is working as a professional. A well experienced technician is properly trained and knows the correct technique of applying eyelash extensions.
You should find out how long they are working as a technician. The most important thing that you should know about them is whether they are lash-certified and licensed.

Many individuals go through this process and are able to maintain their extensions successful. It can be time consuming but it lasts longer than the fake eyelashes.

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    Thanks for informing me that lash extension can take up to two and a half hours to apply since it is a painstaking process that needs lots of concentration and patience. My wife is looking for an eyelash extensions salon that she can visit when we go downtown this weekend. She’s attending a company party on Sunday, and she wants to look her best. Since it would take more than two hours, I’ll probably just drop her off to the salon, go back home, and pick her up when she’s done instead of waiting in the salon with her. Thanks!

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