Is Your CBD Oil from A Legitimate Source?

The increased use of Hemp, as a natural alternative for many health conditions, overall well-being, and inclusion in our pet’s food, has become somewhat of a trend. Everyone wants to get on that boat. The surprising thing about it is, in some countries, which have not yet legalized recreational use of it, the door has been left wide open, and as a result, every production and manufacturing company has stepped foot in it and joined the bandwagon of making their very own “exclusive” products.

The good thing about this is, it has widened the market to make room for more financial penetration into the economy through yet another emerging market and new sector, but the downside of it is, majority of these companies are not regulated and don’t have any quality or safety standards to their products, making some of them legit while others may be fake. Click here to find out how to spot the fake from the real ones.

As exciting as the prospect is to buy and use a CBD product, after hearing all the raving about how amazing the product is, (which without a doubt it is!), it is good to be slightly more vigilant that you don’t end up buying a “dud” or something that will do you more harm than good. This is what this article will shine a light on.

Below we have included 3 good tips for you to look out for, the next time you go clicking on that “add to basket” button on that fancy looking website that sells “CBD” products. These things will clear out the confusion on whether you are buying from a legitimate source or not.

Tip #1. Their Manufacturing Process. Even with the explosion of the use of Hemp products and different types of natural supplements like kratom, the FDA is still taking its time to introduce regulations around it. If you’re interested in reading about this and more, regarding the ‘Farm Bill’, legalization, and status of CBD, this source can give you some further insight here: as such, numerous companies have been hanging on a thin thread and getting by with the little information that they know.

This could mean a lack of accountability for most and minimal consumer protection for others. Some companies have done their due diligence and gone through the right measures to become GMP certified, which is what they would get once they have undergone a thorough inspection and audit. In other words, their products are legitimate and committed to providing value to their consumers, so you can trust them. While others have done very little towards this.

Just the process of getting certified is a brutal one. Only the best and most committed of the lot go through a gruelling process of being documented every step of the way. This means that the authorities check everything from the word “go” such as the employee training processes, the sterilizing of the environment, the cleanliness of the laboratories, the sourcing of their ingredients, and even the verification of their labels. In addition to all of this, the GMP compliance team pays them surprise visits.

Tip #2. Where They Source Their Hemp From. The main reason people buy Hemp products and CBD oils is because of its numerous health benefits. However, because not all of it is the same, you may be buying something worth a couple of hundred dollars and getting only 1% of its benefits. When companies that manufacture the products look for their source, for them to create a legitimate product attached to their name, they take into consideration a few key factors: The soil it is grown in, if it has been tested for microbes and heavy metals, and if it is pure and safe for consumption.

Many manufacturers find hemp sources from all over the world, and the good ones don’t mind that it’s coming from a thousand miles away as long as it is pure and unadulterated. They find the ones that have the highest potency and consistency levels in their production line. Another thing they look for is if it is organic, which means no pesticides or growth hormones have been used on them.

Some manufacturers grow their own hemp, this is known as “vertical integration”. This in itself has many benefits to them both structurally and monetarily. Plus, they can keep an eye on their produce. They can easily be able to test their products when they grow it themselves, and for the consumer, this means that they can buy from a brand that will remain consistent in their product delivery.

Tip #3. Their Extraction Processes. This is one of the most important aspects to inquire about with any company when buying their products. Companies such as these, that have their products available online, do not use any harsh solvents and chemicals to extract the pure organically grown materials.

This is because these types of processes can alter the cells of the plant rendering it useless. These companies use what’s called “lipid infusion” which is the gentler version of all the other processes, that ensures bioavailability and which means that you get the full benefits of the extract and your money’s worth. Visit this store online to check out the various types of products available to consumers.

There you have it, the next time you want to buy any CBD product, make sure you know the story behind it. Happy hunting!

If you have any questions, please ask below!