How To Wear Fake Eyelashes

No look is complete without your lashes looking stellar and adding the dramatic flare to your eyes. While some can get away with just a few coats of mascara, sometimes you just need an additional oomph, and you can achieve just that with fake eyelashes.

While fake eyelashes can seem intimidating to beginners, learning how to apply fake eyelashes can save your life!

With practice and the right lash, you can become a pro at fake eyelash game so; we bring you a step by step guide on how to apply fake eyelashes the correct way.

1. Gather Your Supplies

First and foremost, gather your necessary supplies. To apply fake lashes properly, you will need:

    • A Good Pair of Lashes
    • Strong Lash Adhesive
    • Tweezers

Investing in good quality lashes and glue will not only make your lashes look close to reality but also make the process of applying them easier. Be sure to invest in an excellent reusable pair of lashes so you can wear your favorite lashes without spending excessive amounts of one-time wear lashes.

2. Trimming Your Lashes According To Your Eyes

Next, take your fake eyelashes and prop them against your eyes. Observe where the lash sits on your eye and trim the extra parts.

Most people overlook this step, but this part is crucial in maintaining a natural look and making sure that the lash doesn’t stick out from the ends. A big lash can make your eyes look droopy so always trim accordingly.

3. Bending Your Lashes

After trimming the lash, bend it a little to break into the shape of the band. By doing this, you’re making the lash more flexible which makes it easier to mold around the lash line and prevents the ends from coming off.

4. Applying The Lash Glue Correctly

Now apply the glue to the lash band. You need to apply an ample amount that covers the band completely while also making sure that the amount is not too excessive to drip off the lash. Remember, less is more!

5. Let The Lash Glue Become Tacky

A mistake of all new fake lash users is not letting the glue dry properly. You need to wait at least 30 to 40 seconds after applying the glue before proceeding to put it on your eye.

The glue should be tacky, not too wet and not completely dry either. If you put it on too wet, it will slide right off, and a dry lash doesn’t stick at all. Patience is critical for this part.

6. Apply Lashes Looking Downwards

Now apply your lashes with the help of tweezers. Be sure to look down while applying your lashes and not straight into the mirror. This will help the lash sit more naturally according to your eye contours and adjust on your lash line accordingly.

7. Bonding The Lashes

Use your tweezers and bond the fake eyelash with your natural ones. This will help to combine the two giving a more natural look and make sure that the lashes are correctly connected and blended with your natural ones.

8. Uplift Those Lashes!

Once the lashes dry entirely on your eye, gently push the lashes upwards to create a lifted look. This help is maintaining the curl of the lashes while giving you a model-esque lifted look.

9. Concealing With Liner And Mascara

Conceal the band of your lashes with liner. This will give the appearance of a fuller lash band while hiding the fake one completely.

Also combine your natural lashes with the fake ones with the help of mascara so that they are not separated from one another, giving a perfect set of luscious lashes.

10. Admire Yourself; You’re Gorgeous!

Now, for the last step, look in the mirror and admire how beautiful you look.

Fake eyelashes can undoubtedly make the look complete and the lacking glitz and glamour to any style and any makeup. We hope these steps help you achieve just that!

If you have any questions, please ask below!