How to Tame Your Hair

If you wake up in the morning and you find a monster looking back at you, with the hair that seems to be intentionally entangled so that you be late for your job - you are not the only one. There are many women and men who have similar hair problems, and having a bad hair day can happen even to the world-renowned celebrities. But is there a trick to make your hair behave and look good at the same time? The solution can be found in proper hair care, and it just might happen that you are doing something wrong, so what are the things you should be paying attention to?

Tying Your Hair Is Not Always Good


If you think that you have a hard time making a hairstyle because your hair simply won’t stay where you tell it to - the problem might be caused by constant tying. Tied hair is extremely practical, and we are sure that you can make it look good, but even so, constantly tying your hair can quickly damage hair follicles, especially around the edges, where the hair is most tightly tied. This is a common error many people make, but a solution to this is quite simple - instead of tying your hair using rubber bands, you can braid it, or make it into a bun. Remember that hair clips can also keep hair out of your face, but they won’t damage it at all.

Too Much Hair Drying


You cannot go out with wet hair, and because of that, we all use hair dryers in order to get our hair in order, but is this a good thing? Letting your hair dry naturally is probably the best possible way of drying your hair, but if you have to use hair dryer, remember to use the coolest possible setting - while heat might be good for making the hairstyle that you want, it can also damage delicate hair structure and make it brittle. When using a hair dryer, keep it about 6 inches away from your hair, and move it continuously, never focusing the same place, and without any fuss, you'll have dry, healthy hair that looks perfectly.

Get Hair Extensions


If you think that by having hair extensions installed you will solve all your hair troubles - you are mistaken. Hair extensions, no matter if they are made from artificial or natural fibers, all behave like your real hair, and you will need to pay special attention to maintaining it healthy and beautiful. We've seen many celebrities pull off hair extensions perfectly, but we've also seen some of them make the terrible mistake of installing poor ones, those that you can see from a mile that they are fake. You need to know what you should and what you shouldn't do with them, and you will be all set.

Use Hair Conditioner


Many women avoid using hair conditioners, and there is even a popular belief that they will make your hair get greasy quickly - which is simply wrong. Hair conditioners are the best way of softening your hair, and repairing it from damage. If you truly want to avoid getting greasy hair, apply conditioner only to the ends and avoid the scalp, and this is a win-win situation. Without a conditioner, combing, drying or curling your hair can quickly become a nightmare, so don't be afraid of using it.

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