How To Prevent Fine Lines Around The Eyes

As you age, wrinkles and a few fine lines will begin forming under your eyes. This process usually starts in your 20s. You shouldn’t be frightened about it because it’s a sign that your skin cells are losing collagen and minimizing their ability to renew themselves. Some fine lines and wrinkles may also be because of having an exceptionally expressive face.

You can’t keep yourself from expressing yourself because crying, screaming, smiling, and laughing are part of humanity. However, having wrinkles under your eye may take away your confidence. Eyes are the windows to your soul and it’s vital they enhance your appearance. The good news is that you can prevent fine lines from developing around your eyes.

Here’s how you can prevent fine lines from forming around your eyes:

  1. Check Your Diet

Diet is a vital component for better health. It’s not just good for your heart or weight loss goals, but also for your skin. The food you eat influences the way you look. Eating a diet full of vitamins, healthy fats, and nutrients will change the way your skin appears. Some foods you want to eat to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming around your eyes include nuts, avocados, vegetables, fatty fish, red wine, dark chocolate, whole grains, and nuts.

Eating a variety of these foods every day will enable your body to function optimally. Always ensure that you eat meals containing high-quality protein, omega 3 fatty acids, folic and choline acid, and vitamin C, A, D, E, K, B5, and B3. Eating diets full of these components will not only make you look better, but also feel better.

In addition to your diet, ensure your drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and stay hydrated. Though water intake needs vary from individual to individual, health experts recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water or 8 glasses daily. But it would be best to first undergo a melasma treatment to treat the grey or brown patches on your skin.

  1. Moisturize The Area Around Your Eye

Moisturizing the areas around your eyes can also help to reduce the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Fortunately, there are many creams that can help you get your eyes moist. However, you want to ensure that you buy a cream with wrinkle-fighting ingredients like peptides, vitamin E and C, retinol, and hyaluronic acid. Though these creams can help you reduce wrinkles, you want to ensure that you also hydrate as much as possible to quicken the process.

  1. Go For Facial Massages

Going for facial massages and exercises prescribed by experienced skincare professionals can help to stimulate the flow of blood around your eyes. It’s best to go for an acupressure massage that stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood circulation because it’ll depuff your skin and give it an even tone.

You can also massage the areas around your eyes yourself. You only need to apply a small amount of cream to one of your fingers and use it to massage the eye in a circular manner. Gently pressing the areas around the eyes will ensure that the product penetrates into the skin, thus combating the wrinkles.

The Bottom Line

You can’t avoid getting wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes because they’re part of life. As you age, your body will begin to slowly break down and slow the production of elastin and collagen. But if you follow these steps, you’ll reduce the fine lines or wrinkles forming around your eyes and face.

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