How to Fight Undesirable Skin Ageing with Anti-aging Creams

From brittle bones, loss of memory, and wrinkled skin, aging changes you. No matter how well you’ve been screening your calories, making sure that you’re keeping your stressors at bay, and applying your anti-aging creams religiously, day and night without fail, your cells will get worn out. Nothing can stop that but, there is a lot that you can do to help you better cope with the undesirable impacts of aging on your body, including your skin.

The Body-Skin Link

Truth is, you can’t have beautiful skin without a healthy body. The trouble with modern skincare is that anti-aging treatments are being marketed as if these could make your skin withstand the onslaught of elements that can age your skin on their own. Don’t believe it. It’s a lie but, here are five top facts about aging skin that you can put your faith on:

Fact No. 1:Your wrinkle cream can give your mature skin a much-needed boost

It cannot be stressed enough how anti-aging creams perform differently. Too many products will make promises but will fall short of delivering on claims. This is why you really need to take the time to learn what you can about the latest in aging skincare and what is already available out there that have been proven to work anti-aging miracles for mature skin types like yours. Below are the latest and well-approved ingredients in the top rates of anti-wrinkle products:

1. Plant stem cells

Plant stem cells are paving the way to a more advanced way of smoothening out wrinkles. This new topical skincare technology works by tapping on plant phytohormones to stimulate the regeneration of skin cells. In effect, improving this mechanism helps patch up creases and gaps in the skin matrix. Viewed from the skin’s surface, this process makes wrinkles and fine lines appear less noticeable. Anti-Aging Cream like Solvaderm Stemuderm is one of the best examples for pioneering this formula for the anti-aging solution.

Nevertheless, many other topical skin care products use plant stem cell extracts rather than live plant stem cells. More research is required in this new arena in anti-aging skin care technology.

2. Peptides

Peptides are the workhorse of anti-aging creams that really work. Two types of peptides, short chains of amino acids, are of interest to you and your aging skin. The first are pentapeptides. These peptides correct visible signs of skin aging by stimulating faster production of collagen fibers to produce more volume necessary for skin repairs and regeneration at any given time.

The other type of peptides, neuropeptides, work like Botox. These peptides either numb the nerves or the muscles underneath your skin, causing your skin to stretch back and show less prominent lines and creases.

3. Vitamin A

Vitamin A remains to be a preferred anti-aging ingredient. The beauty with Vitamin A is that it has more than a decade of the reputation for delivering more youthful skin. It not only helps you fight wrinkles, it also evens out your skin tone.

4. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid at different molecular weights. What causes wrinkles is a combination of several intrinsic and extrinsic factors, chronic skin dryness and dehydration among them. Delivering HA at different depths of your skin helps your skin better hold moisture in and stay well-hydrated longer as a result.

Fact No. 2:Skincare procedures do not have to hurt anymore

The countless horror stories concerning plastic surgery in the past three decades no longer have to deter you from taking advantage of a long list of clinic-based procedures that can potentially benefit your aging skin. If you haven’t already gone above and beyond your anti-aging creams, here are some of the things you’ve been missing:

1. Non-invasive treatments

There are many procedures now recommended on how to prevent wrinkles that do not require any injections, sloughing off or splicing of your skin. Ultrasound Therapy (Ultherapy) and Radio Frequency treatments are completely changing the face of anti-aging treatments, particularly for the noticeable results delivered and the fact that these absolutely do not require any downtime.

2. Minimally invasive treatments

Laser procedures have grown to become even more precise throughout the years. Other minimally invasive procedures that have a track record of successfully restoring youthful skin include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and micro needling.

Fact No. 3:Skincare is the pillar of beautiful skin

What matters to your skin, you may not believe, is what kind of care you are giving it every day. Following the appropriate regimen for your age, skin type, and skin needs can prevent the appearance of multiple signs of skin aging and vanish the ones that are already visible. For starters, your mature skin deserves anti-aging creams, one each for daytime and nighttime application.

Fact No. 4:Beauty Sleep is real

Not even the best anti wrinkle cream can beat the power of sleep to regenerate, repair, and restore your skin’s health and youthful complexion. Hit the sheets at the same time every night and make sure to stay tucked for at least 7 hours.

Fact No. 5:Eat to your skin health

Leaving out on key nutrients your body requires to stay well-nourished isn’t going to help your skin fight multiple signs of aging from showing up. So, make sure your topical anti-aging creams get all the help that they can get from food. Deliberately add antioxidants, moisture-giving foods, foods that contain high amounts of fatty acids, potassium, manganese, and magnesium that promote healthy skin.


Who wants to age? If you’re serious, start by delving further into these facts to know more about what ages your skin and how these tips can help you stop aging before your skin is due. Do what’s good for your skin every second of every hour every day, and you will notice remarkable improvements to your aging skin.

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