How to choose the perfect shade of a BB cream as per your skin tone?

BB creams have become one of the hottest trends in the cosmetics market. The perfect blend of makeup and skincare is what makes it stand out from all other must-have products. But just like foundation, getting the best BB cream might not be as simple as you may think. So, we have collected some of the factors that can help you select the most suitable shade of the cream according to your skin tone. But before we move on to that, you should first know what precisely this formula is and how it is different from the usual foundations.

BB Creams

The Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm Cream falls somewhere between the makeup hybrid and the skincare hybrid. If you are familiar with the tinted moisturizer concept, it would be easy for you to understand how this formula works. You just have to add some benefits like SPF, antioxidants, shine control, and hydration to the tinted moisturizer, and you will get these creams. There are several other advantages of using a BB Cream.

These are the best option when you do not feel like going over the board with your makeup. It will correct your complexion while giving it a natural finish.

BB Cream and Foundation: As mentioned above, the cream formula is filled with skincare benefits. That is where it differs from the usual foundations. It focuses more on hydration and protecting skin factors than covering the blemishes. It is extremely light-weight, which makes it perfect for everyday use.

How To Select a BB Cream according to your skin?

Even though the Beauty Balm creams differ from foundations, it takes similar efforts to find the perfect one for your skin. There is a huge variety of these creams available in the market. Look through the following aspects and these will help you in making the correct decision.

  • The Formula: There is a different formula for each skin type. If you pick the oily variant for your oily skin, it will make the matter worse. Seek the correct formula according to your skin type.
  • The Shade: Shade is the most crucial thing while looking for a BB cream, just like your foundation. The cream seems natural only when the correct shade is applied on the skin, otherwise, it will look odd when the tone of your skin and neck will not match. To select the right shade, you need to swatch a little bit of cream on your neck or face.
  • Look For Concerns: There is a reason why these creams fall under the skincare hybrid. Look for the cream that deals with your concerns.


With these points in mind, you can pick the best BB cream for your skin. Once done with the shopping, you need to apply the cream correctly. If you are a beginner, you may want to check a guide on how to use a BB cream. After getting everything right, you can go out and shine bright with your skin looking flawless.

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