How to choose eyelash accessories?

Whether you are a professional eyelash stylist or you’re just beginning your journey as one, the choice of accessories you use during your treatments will greatly affect the final results. While you may think that they are just small things that are barely relevant, they can, and often do, contribute greatly to the quality of your treatments. However, there are so many accessories out there, that choosing the proper ones can be difficult – especially for beginner stylists. With this short guide, we will show you some of them and explain their uses.

Ensure the safety of your client with eye patches

Eye patches are one of the most important accessories that stylists use during treatments, as they protect the lower eyelashes as you work. There are many types of eye patches, many of which introduce additional benefits, such as acting as a conditioner to your client’s skin. On the market, you can find collagen eye patches with the addition of retinol and vitamin E, which invigorate the skin underneath the eyes and help in keeping it firm and healthy.

Gel eye patches are also available and possess similar protective and conditioning properties. They are also recommended if you spot any bruising or swelling underneath your client’s eyes. Moreover, some types of patches can be written on, allowing you to write down what eyelashes you are going to use in what place. This makes the work of a stylist much easier, as you can easily plan the whole treatment out beforehand.

Cosmetic tapes – an irreplaceable help for a stylist

Cosmetic tapes serve a similar purpose to eye patches, as they can be used to either separate the lower eyelashes or to hold the upper eyelid in place during the treatment. A cosmetic tape is one of the absolute necessities in a beauty salon, as it can be used not only in the case of eyelash extensions, but also with eyelash lifting, eyelash lamination, and even eyelash botox.

There are many types of cosmetic tapes available on the market. The most popular and universal one is a medical tape, which has hypoallergenic properties and does not cause any irritation, even in clients with sensitive skin. When choosing a cosmetic tape to use in your salon, make sure you choose a professional product. The quality of your accessories can influence the results of your treatments, as well as the safety of your clients. For high-quality cosmetic products at an affordable price, check out Noble Lashes!

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