How to Build a Perfect Skin Care Routine

fergtgSkincare is an important part of our health care that requires day to day commitment to achieve effective results. Through proper skin care routine, one can avoid skin diseases and develop a beautiful and radiant skin that enhances beauty and confidence in social scenarios. Coming up with a workable skin care routine might be challenging as beauty products and information in the media keeps on conflicting.

Discussed here are simple applicable steps on how one can build a perfect skincare routine.

Step#1 Know your skin type

A large number of individuals apply moisturizers and treatment unaware if they are appropriate for their skin type. This has resulted in individuals developing severe acne pimples and rashes as a result of the reaction of the product to their skin. The fact that certain skin products work for a certain person does not automatically mean that it will work for you. Before buying and applying a product, one should ask themselves, “Is this product appropriate for my skin type?” The major classifications of skin types include; dry, oily, and normal. As we keep on growing, our bodies’ experience changes that we should consider and keep track. An adult should not insist on using the same skin products that a child is using. One should understand the current skin type and select the necessary effective products. A good skin care routine involves a medical expert advice and keen research on a product before application and purchase.

Step#2 Skin Cleansing, toning, and moisturization

Cleansing plays a major role in removing impurities from the skin. As we interact with our daily life routines, the skin is naturally exposed to germs and dirt from various sources of pollutants. The body excretes waste products through sweat of which could block the skin pores. Skin cleansing should be carried out every morning and evening to remove impurities from pores. Application of skin tone is necessary as it ensures any remaining makeup and any remaining impurities are removed. It also removes oil from the skin pores through their slightly acidic composition hence should be highly recommended for individuals with oily skin. Moisturization enhances skin hydration hence smooth skin. One should also avoid over scrubbing or washing of the skin roughly when removing makeup. Over scrubbing is dangerous as it can damage the skin tissues affecting their functional ability


Step#3 Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the ultimate skin protector during summer seasons. Sunscreen prevents the development of skin cancer which is a deadly skin infection. Due to the unpredictable weather, it’s advisable to always buy or have one in the bug for outdoor activities. Sunscreen prevents sunburns and development of uneven skin pigmentation. Sunscreen reduces the impact of direct sun ultraviolet radiations from causing skin harm.

Step#4 Avoid squeezing of pimples

When a pimple is squeezed/popped using nails, the skin tissue surrounding it is likely to be damaged hence development of scabs. Scabs are dry and dark making ones face look dotted and unattractive. Pimples are commonly caused by the accumulation of pus in the pore. By squeezing the pimple, some of the pus might come out while some infected material is forced deeper into the dermis. This might result in the development of another pimple closer to the squeezed pimple after a few days. Most people also don’t wash their hands before popping a pimple. This might lead to bacterial skin infections as an acne pimple acts as a passage to the internal skin follicle.

The most effective solution when dealing with pimples is avoiding any popping (Hands off). If one has to squeeze a pimple, it is advisable to wait till it has a white head. One should use soft earbuds for cleaning the ear; wash the hands thoroughly before, and after. Very high pressure should be avoided. Lastly, one can consider a doctor’s advice on the best pimple treatment medication.

Step#5 Be Hydrated

Drinking water is necessary for the body and the skin in general. One can buy a water can for drinking water at any incident required. Addition of natural flavors such as lemon is advisable to enable plenty water intake. One can substitute water with eating food with lots of soup or drinking milk and any healthy liquid foods when possible. Fruit juice is recommendable.

Step#6 Have enough sleep

Sleep is very important for the various metabolic process in the body hence the word “beauty sleep”. As one sleeps, the skin repairs itself and one relaxes preventing the development of wrinkles. This is through the skin’s production of collagen that prevents one’s skin from sagging. A normal human being requires approximately 7-9 hours of sleep each and every night. The skin of an individual who does not receive adequate sleeping hours is normally dry, wrinkled, and the eye appears puffy.

In conclusion, building a perfect skin care routine is a necessary move toward ensuring good body health. It requires commitment, high level of discipline, and cleanliness. These can be achieved through; knowing one’s own skin type, skin cleansing, toning, and moisturization, wearing sunscreen, staying hydrated, and having enough sleep. A perfect skin care improves one’s general body health and beauty.

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