Foot Repairing Cream: Here are 5 Reasons you should not avoid them!

The prince got down on one knee and tried the glass slipper on Cinderella. It fits perfectly. She was about to find her prince charming. But, suddenly what if the prince cried in dismay, ‘Ugh! Cracked heels’. Quite a nightmare. Right?

We are all Cinderellas of our own little world and we love skincare; we follow workout regimes, take healthy meals, dress up for our small special days but what about our poor feet? Think, how often do you bother about putting even a baby cream on your little mushy feet? It’s Ok! Don’t feel bad. We all have done this.

Your feet bear so much. Dry to sweaty, sweaty to dry, it’s a never-ending cycle. All this time you take good care of your face, and body but pay no attention to your poor soles until they start aching.

For those who are still wondering why choose a special cream for feet? Why not a regular moisturizer or a cold cream? Here, we have the top 5 reasons ready for you.

5 Reasons you should not avoid Foot Repairing Cream

Cracked Heels

Dermatologists say that our feet are naturally the driest part of the body. The bottom is a protective layer of dead skin to help us while walking. So, they require a good amount of moisturization otherwise become dry and flaky and ultimately result in cracked heels. A good foot cream hydrates your skin and its exfoliating ingredients help in getting rid of dead skin quickly.

You might think that a pumice stone or a face cream can do the same thing. Not at all. One, they are super slow; and second, they might make you feel relaxed for a while, but do not solve the root problem. You do not wash your face with shampoo, right? Then, why a face cream for your cracked heels?

Foot Odor

Took your shoes off after a long day and now everybody around is in distress? Foul smell, quite a big problem. The foot cream is the solution. These creams are formulated with a delicate fragrance that instantly removes the odor and makes every moment of applying the cream better. Foot creams have calming and soothing agents in them that let you have a cooling sensation along with a hint of fragrance. The aroma is not annoying or overpowering, just a gentle reminder to take a deep breath when you catch a whiff.

Foot creams also act as a fungicide and have mild antibacterial properties which will help you in the long run.

Athlete’s foot

This is a very common medical condition that starts with a fungal infection between the toes, especially in people with sweaty feet. This results in itching, stinging, and burning. If left untreated, it can cause serious damage to nails as well.

There are so many anti-fungal foot creams out there that provide the best solution for an athlete’s foot. All you have to do is to apply them as directed and you will be fine in a day or two. But, if the condition persists, consult a doctor.


The first piece of advice: Quit smoking. This affects your lungs, body, and even your feet. Yes, feet. Never heard this before? Let us explain. Smoking builds up plaque in your arteries that run down the legs to your feet. This makes your arteries stiff making it difficult for blood to reach your feet resulting in blood clots, cramps, etc.

Get a foot cream, massage on your feet daily to relax your feet.

Summer Essential

The scorching sun and hot weather. Result? Rough and tanned feet. There are times when we start feeling uncomfortable mentally, physically, and emotionally due to dry feet. If you feel the same way, get yourself a foot cream that can soften and smoothen your feet within a week or two. Keeping your feet moisturised and nourished all day long is a must.

With the summers, come the sandal season- so, with a little love from your foot cream, have the perfect feet all year long.


Above all a foot cream for dry skin is designed to relax the muscles and relieve you from feeling tired as it boosts the blood circulation. Are you ready to massage down your weary day? Grab yourself a Foot Care Cream today!

If you have any questions, please ask below!