Essential Products to Store in Your Bathroom Cupboard

Bathroom CupboardBathrooms can get a little bit cluttered sometimes what with all the tubes of old lotions lying around, and the endless build-up of stuff that seems to happen with time. It's important to de-clutter your life sometimes and just focus on the essentials, and that doesn't just extend to your home, it extends into your cupboards too. It's always very cathartic to exhume all the old jars and tubs of face cream, makeup and other bits and pieces from your bathroom cupboard and throw out the expired and just plain used up stuff.

But what do you stock when you've cleaned it all out? The essentials of course! Here's a list of seven essential items that you need to have on hand in your bathroom vanities. Oh, and don't forget - keep it simple, avoid duplicates of items and don't store your perfumes in the bathroom, because the humidity in the bathroom can make your fragrances deteriorate faster than if they are stored in a dry environment. Got it? Alright, let's check out the essentials:

  1. Sunscreen - the number one anti-aging tool you can have! Especially if you live in a place where the sun can be especially brutal at times (like in Australia). You should apply it every day on your neck and décolletage, and use a moisturiser with a sunscreen built in. This will help to prevent the premature aging of the skin from sun exposure.
  2. Cleaner - a good cleanser will save you from scrubbing at your skin, damaging the skin and drying out your face unnecessarily. Try and find one that works with your skin and doesn't cause breakouts or any irritation. In addition to this, find one that's gentle enough to use day and night. You should always take off your makeup or cleanse your skin before going to bed at night so that you don't get clogged pores!
  3. Serum - if you invest in anything, get a good serum that treats the skin to some much-needed moisture throughout the day. If you can get one that can be used day and night then even better! A multi-purpose product is always an excellent addition on a list of essentials.
  4. Face Moisturiser with built-in SPF - a vital component of your daily routine, the moisturiser needs to be a light and non-greasy product that has a built in sunscreen so that you're protecting your skin from aging and the effects of the sun, while at the same time keeping it hydrated. Find one that works for you; you might like a product that has a built in tint to it, so that it's a three-in-one product.
  5. Eye Cream - a good eye cream should be applied every evening before bed, and tapped around the eyes to avoid pulling at the delicate skin around the eyes. It's a lifesaver and you'll reap the benefits in the years to come if you invest in your skin now.
  6. Razor - the quickest and easiest way to keep your underarms smooth and clear of hair is to keep a self-moisturizing razor in your bathroom cupboard. You can pull it out and use it at a moment's notice.
  7. Body moisturiser - a great tool for silky smooth skin and for keeping elbows and knees smooth and moisturised. You can get products that you can spray onto the skin too, so that they're now even easier to apply. A scented moisturiser like coconut or vanilla makes keeping your skin hydrated even more enjoyable, as you enjoy the fresh smell of your skin all day.

If you have any questions, please ask below!