Colours That Suit Dusky Skin Like Perfection

When it comes to colours that look good on your skin tone, fashion can be a cruel mistress. Try as one might, one cannot deny the effect that a well-planned outfit has on your personality and your overall look! However, stepping out of your comfort zone is easier said than done, especially when it comes to changing your conventional choice of style. The job becomes even more difficult when it comes to picking from a kaleidoscope spectrum of colours for a dusky skin tone.

If you’ve got a dusky skin tone that tends to tan under the sun, then you’ve got what most fashion experts would term a warm complexion. The good news is that it suits a significantly wider range of colours as opposed to other cool-toned complexions.

Colours That Suit A Dusky Skin Tone

While almost all colours work good on a dusky skin tone, shades that are either a little brighter or a little darker than the skin colour will look best. This means that choosing a pale beige instead of warm and will work best if you’re opting for light coloured neutrals. Similarly, picking out a bold shade of purple would look better opposed to a softer tone like mauve.

So here is a list of some colours you can experiment with to make your outfit look like it is been put together by a stylist!

Coral Power

The bright shade of this power colour works wonders on dusky skin. The go-to choice for anyone who has dusky complexion, coral instantly glams up any outfit. You can try it out in a variety of shades. From the colour of lipstick to your heels, you can never go wrong with coral.

Emerald Green

Yet another shade that looks great on dusky skin, this one is a trump shade that instantly brightens up your entire look! An absolute fashion classic, you can wear emerald green both at a formal brunch and a fun evening party!

Metallic Shades

Metallic shades have not only become a fashion essential, but they also look great on every skin tone, particularly those which have a dusky complexion. Our pick, pair bight gold with gunmetal silver, and you’re all set to rule that dancefloor!

Magenta And Orange

No two shades could complement each other so well as magenta and orange. An conventional pairing, these colours play so well with each other that they make any outfit look gorgeous. A perfect combination of cool and warm colours, this pair would work best when worn during evenings.

Mustard Yellow

Contrary to popular opinion, mustard yellow works beautifully on dusky skin tones. If you’re not in for dressing up entirely in mustard, you can pair it with some dark brown, or even with some maroon definition. Not only does mustard lends elegance to an outfit, but it’s extremely attractive on the eyes when worn during the day.

Olive Green

While this one is a safe bet for almost all skin tones, you can trust olive green when you need to make an impression. This shade looks especially beautiful on long formal gowns, and you can even pair it with contrasting colours to create more impact. One of the essential colours that suit dusky skin, you can never go wrong with this one.


An absolute holy grail when it comes to sporting a dusky complexion, pink works best because it is very close to the base colour of the skin tone. You can even complement it by pairing with darker hues of brown and blue, however, little else flatters dusky skin like the magic of pink.


A staple colour for skins with dusky complexion, it works beautifully both on its own and when paired with complementing colours of golden, cream, and black. The essential colour for dusky skin fashion, this one is a fashion must-have!


While it may not be the go-to colour of people, black works beautifully well for people with dusky skin tones. Not only does it have a universal appeal that gives you a lot of things to experiment with, but it also gives you that edgy look. However, do make sure that you steer clear of dull shades as they could ashen your complexion.

Cobalt Blue

While many might shy away from this vivid shade of blue, those with dusky skin will be pleasantly surprised as it looks great on skin tones with warm complexion. Pair it with a bold shade of green and you will definitely own the dusky skin fashion.

Colors To Avoid

While almost all shades look well with dusky skin tones, just make sure to balance it out with colours that will make your outfit look that it is been put together in a good manner. You would work look best if you stick to a particular colour palette, and if you’re in the mood of some mixing and matching, then do so with colours that complement your base colour. Likewise, it would be best if you add bright coloured hues like yellow, turquoise, and orange as they could make you look dull and pale.

The good part of having a dusky skin tone is that you can experiment a lot with a variety of shades. So go ahead and experiment with your wardrobe!

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