Colonic Weight Loss

rgwrtWeight loss is listed as a top concern among men and women of all ages in the United States and countries around the world. The weight loss industry is a billion dollar industry with many methods, products, and programs offered to help boost weight loss efforts. Many people begin a weight loss program with a colonic cleanse to remove impacted waste, boost the metabolism, and reduce belly bloat.

Impacted Waste and Toxins

Over time, waste can become impacted in the colon. This is more common with an unhealthy diet that contains too much fat, sugar, processed foods and not enough whole foods that promote healthy digestion. This impacted waste allows toxins to build up in the body, leading many people to seek colonic weight loss at New Jersey Colonic.

Cleanse the Colon to Jump Start Weight Loss

There are many reasons that people seek to clean impacted waste from the colon. Some of the reasons include preparation for a colonoscopy, treatment for digestive problems and constipation, to improve overall health and rid the body of toxins, and for weight loss. A colonic helps to remove the waste that is clogging the colon, which helps to increase metabolic function and supports healthy weight loss.

Colonic Hydrotherapy

The colon hydrotherapy treatment involves using specialized equipment to infuse filtered water into the colon. This equipment is designed to remove the waste that is impacted in the colon and flush it gently from the body. The hydrotherapist will use gentle massage to help loosen the waste, enabling it to be flushed from the colon.

Temporary Results

People report feeling lighter and having enhanced feelings of healthfulness and well-being after having this procedure. Depending on the level of impacted waste that is present, people have lost as much as ten to twenty pounds after having a colonic. This helps to reduce bloating in the tummy and makes you look and feel thinner. It is important to understand that this effect is temporary and the colon can become impacted with waste again.

Certified Professional Hydrotherapists

A colonic is a procedure that requires specialized training and knowledge to perform. A trained professional knows the best techniques to safely remove impacted waste without causing harm. Don't be afraid to ask about the training and experience of the staff at the wellness center you are considering. They should be happy to answer your questions, if they have the proper training and equipment.

Start on a Path to Improved Health and Wellness

Although the colon cleansing weight loss benefits are temporary, the procedure can help you get started on your weight loss regimen. Removing the toxins from the body helps to enhance the metabolism and improve nutrient absorption. In order to enjoy lasting benefits, make changes to your diet and exercise routine by including whole foods and plenty of water, while reducing your intake of processed foods.

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