Beat Batman: How to Achieve Christian Bale's Sexy Chest

Christian BaleAnd you would often envy, as a guy, the barreled chest of Superman, Batman and Spiderman. Okay so forgive me for the comparison, but inside this hero costumes are real men possessing real hard chests that can make a woman swoon.
Christian Bale, an English actor who portrayed Batman in its latest movie runs, has been hailed by Huffington Posts as one of those men that many would have wanted to be seen shirtless in public. Together with all other celebs like Daniel Craig and Will Smith, these people are really serious in there fitness routines.

Why Chest Matters

The chest or the pectoral area of men's body is getting as much attention as it had before. But then some men do have real problems about attaining well sculpted chests due to so many reasons. These reasons may range from simple to complex ones.

Many men on the other hand may tend to result to pectoral implants.

What are Pectoral implants?

Pectoral implant is a procedure that takes 1 to 2 hour wherein the chests are inserted with implants through endoscopic surgery. The implants that are put under the pectoral muscles will help in modifying the chest size.

Medically, pectoral implants aren’t just for those who wish to seek to improve their body image but it has been known to help in certain conditions such as Spina Bifida, Marfan's syndrome and Pectus Recurvatum.

But for aesthetic purposes, men may undergo the procedure due to the following reasons:

  1. Their pectoral muscles are asymmetrical and an implant will help in the condition.
  2. They are not keen on spending their whole time in the gym and build their body. The implants are the healthier alternatives for that.
  3. They have certain genes in their body that makes them unable to develop chest muscles they wanted. These genes may hinder men to develop chest muscles no matter how much they work out and buff up.
  4. They may have suffered from injury. These may be on the chest and has required them to undergo reconstructive surgery.

I am not saying here that you have to pursue it for the sake of it. I mean, the implant is there to help. And we apologize to Christian Bale for making him the standard of this all. But, what does a well endowed and muscled chest benefits you?

Benefits of Pectoral Implants (With or Without your Shirt On)

pectoral implantSo we must admit it that a little chest bulk for men really appears sexy. It adds sexiness plus it creates an air of a healthy lifestyle. A pectoral implant may nail it all. How?

  1. It adds bulk to your once failing attempts for a well muscled chest.
  2. Contours your chest.
  3. Saves you time.
  4. Helps you achieve goal in a short time.
  5. Boost your confidence.
  6. Makes you wear shirts that in the past aren’t just as flattering in you.
  7. Improves your self esteem.

The surgery though involves risk as all others surgeries and cosmetic procedures do. But risks and complications can be avoided if you have chosen a well trained doctor and a licensed one.

Certain post operative care such as displacement can be avoided if you stay still for the duration of your post op care. But if it has been accidentally experienced, a corrective surgery may do the job. But that rarely happens.

For more info, a pectoral implant may costs around $11,000 (AUD) for rough estimate. But then it might not be included in your insurance claims.

We all watched super heroes and super villains grace the screen in packed abs, barreled chests and muscled thighs. And they are pretty hyped up. These things don’t came out today because of vanity, it is becoming a fashion and projects the aura of being fit. Looking and felling fit may help a lot if you are looking for work, applying for work, or even wooing a girl.

You should stop here once you had the implant, you have to make sure that you have to strengthen your muscles too. Still do little fitness routines and you will be on a complete plate.

If you have any questions, please ask below!